Campaign on legendary prize/Achilles2.0?

I’ve been wondering if you’ll get a prize from doing the campaign on legendary or an armor set that is hard to get like achilles because I really love these grinds
What do you guys think?
I personally want a reward from legendary and Achilles2.0 kind of thing so I’m doing it on legendary the first time I play

I think an EOD type set would be good but I don’t think it should be anything spectacular since legendary is a pretty simple thing to do. I think something like a LASO set would be a better thing to implement because it would actually give you a reason to suffer through it. There will probably be an achilles like set for spartan companies and maybe a forge helmet/set like 5 had.

I hope so, but only if it’s only for solo Legendary. Co-op Legendary is meaningless (outside of Halo 2) because one player can hide in a safe zone which makes the whole game trivial.
Or better yet, let said reward be attained for co-op Legendary too, but bring back the Halo 2 mechanics of revert to checkpoint if one player dies in co-op Legendary.