Campaign Objective/Hint Notification on Higher FPS

I already submitted a bug report on this in the original Halo 3 Flight Build and its still not on the known issues but the blue legacy notification in the campaign of the game giving you hints on how to do something or where or what to do, the notification disappears after about 2 seconds instantly and if your FPS is even higher, it seems to not show up at all because your FPS is so high that it just does not appear sometimes (basically the timer for the notification to appear on screen seems to be tied to your FPS). If you set the Framerate to 60 FPS, the notification to show on screen properly for a set amount of time fading in for a few seconds then fading out then works properly but not on unlocked FPS (or VFR) in which it fades in but disappears instantly after 2 seconds. Is anyone else getting this issue? This needs to get address before Halo 3 drops on PC especially for new players that might get confused on what to do.

Has anyone else seen this issue?