Campaign Network Co-Op Flight – Network Co-Op Feedback

Feedback/suggestion: Add matchmaking for co-op so it is easier to play co-op.


The Halo INFINITE login loop of death! Has anyone found a fix?

Same here. Tried the steps outlined in the FAQ/Known Issues section to no success

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read the installation instructions i got stuck here too

Co-Op Focused:

  • Maximum distance between players should be increased if no Xbox One players are present.
  • Physics nerf should be removed when a player is on a vehicle, when there is in fact a player in the vehicle.(Currently you can’t launch someone even with the explosive boost skull)
  • Fix/Improve Co-op Enemy scaling(Currently, it’s too easy even on Legendary)
  • Improve the load times between deaths(it takes too long for some reason compared to legacy Halo titles even in non-open world segments)

(Sorry, I’d love to provide network/connection related feedback but Halo Infinite won’t LET me matchmake/co-op without a godforsaken VPN for whatever reason for almost 2 weeks even after contacting Halo Support, and I don’t want to provide incorrect feedback because of that)

Campaign Focused:

  • Bring the Next/Previous equipment binds to vehicles too(Mouse and Keyboard)
  • Restore patched exploits/glitches that can’t be done by accident for speedrunners so people don’t have to rollback
  • Suggestion: Optional choice to play as an MP Spartan for people to take screenshots on the ring/express themselves more on the campaign while allowing only Chief to be on cutscenes.

Getting the error “Error retrieving data center quality information. Please try again later,” every time my partner and I try to boot up either a new or used file. In addition, every time we try to make a new save and get the aforementioned error, it takes up a new slot titled. “Finish the Fight” that cannot be loaded. Fix ya game.



*“Fireteam Zone” needs to be expanded. 1000 ft. is insufficient. It needs to be 1000 meters at the minimum. Find a way to make it so that players can select tether zone size dependent on the platforms used for Crossplay. If it includes original Xbox One Generation, use 1000 ft. If it uses Xbox Series X/S generation and PC, use 1000 meters.

*Add model/movement animations for the Tank Gun. Modders for Halo 2/3 have done this successfully.

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Also, maybe an increase in enemy units per player would help make the open world sandbox feel more lively. A scaling along the lines of:

2 Players-25% increase
3 Players-50% increase
4-Players-75% increase

This would be across the board for all units. The amount of enemies currently in may be fine for single player, but there have to be more opportunities for players to shoot at the Banished.

For FOBs, it would be awesome IMO if everyone was able to, say for example, summon a Scorpion. I can only imagine just how cool that would be.

Also at the FOBs, I really wish players could summon Covenant vehicles. Those vehicles, especially the Ghost, would make it extremely helpful in navigating the open world sandbox.


I’m having this problem too and support has done nothing to help. But either you or your co-op partner are unable to access their data centers for whatever reason.(If you wanna test, just open Multiplayer and see if it throws an error about data centers in any playlist.)

Continuing tonight
discovered several issues.
One time my mangler got 8 43 ammo but when I went to kinetic weapon ammo it says ammo full.
Also we got stuck when we restarting from where Marcovich died. The door won’t open and had to restart the whole mission for that.
More importantly, my friend and I encounter with the bug of can not switch equipment from time to time…like …can only use grapple or threat sensor
I’ll update if I encounter any other issue.

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  1. If everyone dies the loading screen will hang and will never load. (I imagine it might be an issue with memory of other players locations)

  2. If someone grabs a spartan core and a cutscene appears (what I’m going to assume caused it), it will not credit anyone in the game with the spartan core, but will state that it is collected. Reloaded fixes the issue and awards players the spartan core.

  3. The tethering seems too small. My friend likes to drive a tank, my other likes to scout ahead in a mongoose. I like to run and be on foot, and we like to meet up at a location like a hvt or mission location but separate to grab cores and collectables. The tethering haults most of these things, I wish there was a way to increase the radius or remove it.

  4. The game likes to play “catch-up” (speeds up very fast to what I imagine is to catch up to the actual server time or device time) whenever there is a saving checkpoint in high enemy counted areas (only happened once on the first level) or after a fast travel to a FOB.

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To echo some existing points, I’d appreciate the ability to play as my multiplayer spartan in player slots 2-4, and I’d appreciate more save slots to the Campaign itself.

Says it’s missing an exe. I was on a weekend vacation - did I just outright miss it?

Enemy Encounters
Playing through can feel empty at times, especially when multiple players are involved and gunning down the existing enemies with ease.

  • A solution would be to increase the number of enemies in an enemy squad and/or enemy patrols in the world.
    Especially at locations that “feel” like they should have some kind of encounter. (e.g. Med-large clearings with weapons scattered around)
  • A more complex solution could involve scaling with # of players and difficulty.
    Say, something like the current number of players multiplies the chance of higher-tier enemies spawning in a squad.
    Which would stack on with the increase that the difficulty provides.
    So 2-4x Co-Op doesn’t feel too easy to blow through, regardless of Difficulty.
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Go through the installation instructions, specifically under "DOWNLOAD VIA STEAM "
I had that problem too at first

Co-Op Vehicles
In Co-Op, the player is vastly limited in ways of Aerial vehicles.
An equivalent of the Razorback is needed.

  • Suggest bringing in the Falcon from Halo: Reach to provide the player with 3-4 player aerial vehicle options.

This can also help with the restrictions of distance to player being a problem and provide single player benefits in ways of easily bringing Marines with you, especially in the later game where vast distance to travel is needed.

There was a lot of lag in the game. The game crashed three times on my series S. Some enemies were not taking any damage, shots or melee. Two times I got stuck in crouch. Some horizontal moving elevators and the gondola we starting floating without the lift and then just fell off the map. Some spartans would not walk or sprint but just floated across the map real fast. Hope this helps with the flight. Any questions let me know. Keep up the good work.

It would also be great if there was a way that 343 could scale the amount of marines available at the FOBs depending on the number of players in the lobby.
1 player = 5 marines
2 players = 8
3 players = 12
4 players = 15

I played through the Chak Lok fight before writing this post.


  • My session was crossplay (I’m on PC, other on Xbone), 2 players, same network, legendary

  • I often experienced very bad lag spikes (2,000 to 10,000 ping) when hosting, but network lag was much better for Xbone player. I heard that coop connects to a dedicated server, we live down south (U.S.), so maybe the connection here isn’t that great? (Our internet works perfectly for other games).

  • On the first mission, we had to restart bc the brutes in control room didn’t spawn, and wouldn’t allow us to hold X on ship controls. The brutes were invisible in the cutscene only holding weapons before despawning completely. I feel like this may be due to us skipping cutscenes and speed-running the game too fast (or connection issues).

  • Once in the open world section, lag spikes were constant. Desync was noticeable at times, but the main issue was unstable jittering/teleporting.

  • Riding the same vehicle was often buggy for both of us. Vehicle would move in a choppy manner for the rider (usually w Razorback and Warthog, Mongoose was fine).

  • There were hard crashes, as expected for a flight. There were, however, a lot of unexpected soft locks. If both players died and had to load back, there was a chance for the loading screen to loop infinitely, forcing players to restart game.

  • In particular, the Chak Lok fight ALWAYS soft-locked when loading back. We restarted our games each time and swapped hosts, but nothing fixed the problem. We managed to beat Chak Lok, but after that the loading screens caused soft locks regardless, so we ended our session there.

  • Only other issue we had was bad checkpoint placements. There was one point where we accidentally drove off the map (due to lag) and were constantly loading back in a free fall to death. This eventually caused a loading screen soft lock. Maybe tone down checkpoints?


  • Despite the difficulties we had playing, we had a lot of fun experiencing the campaign from a new perspective. I’ve heard some people say that this campaign doesn’t feel like it was designed with coop in mind at all, but I disagree. The boss fights in particular felt waaaay more satisfying in coop than solo. It felt comparable to a Strike/Raid from Destiny at times.

  • Please add a 4-seat flying vehicle to campaign. While adding something like the Falcon/Hornet may take time development-wise, why not give the players an option to call in a Pelican? Even as a skull or an easter egg, this would be a cool way to traverse the map with players rather than being forced to always take a ground route.

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My 3 biggest peices of feedback I have so far after 6 hours of gameplay with my friend-

  1. Increase the tether range. For it being open world it still feels entirely too restrictive. It would be nice for one player to tackle a VIP while another is saving marines and getting cores. Would also bring an interesting aspect of “co-op” speed run completing the map.

  2. Please allow ALL players driving a vehicle to be able to get marine NPC passengers. Currently the NPCs will only board the hosts vehicle. With 2-4 teammates the mayhem you could cause with 4 fully crewed warthogs would be hilarious and bring alot of replayability to the game.

  3. Make the marines a lottle less tanky. Currently they are VERY strong. Even on legendary.