Campaign Network Co-Op Flight – Network Co-Op Feedback

Okay. Networking still needs a but of work. I think this is the first time I’ve ever encountered desync.

It seems as though the networking issues grow more apparent the more you’re spread out from your teammates.

still stuck at the main menu entering my microsoft password a thousand times over and over


Did you check the Support site for all the steps to follow?

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You mean the thing that was literally just added? I’m trying it. But so far, the fix is very tedious.


It is a bit tedious.

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I played on xbox with 3 pc randoms and co-op for me was decent but i did experience some issues.
Those issues were audio desyncing, lag, texture loading, and loading times.
Audio desyncing- when the pilot and chief were talking after the pelican crashed their voice didn’t match the cutscene.
Lag- we’re on a razorback and it started lagging like it looked like it was teleporting.
Texture loading - when chief jumped off the pelican ground textures were taking longer to load in then usual.
loading times- when everybody died we’re was in the loading screen for a while so the only option was to restart halo infinite insider and load back back into the game.

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I can’t see any real changes to enemies with more players, elites still took same amount of shots as solo from when I was playing, they didn’t seem any more aggressive than playing solo, but still playing so maybe it was just an iffy session.

I can’t get it to launch on the Xbox One X. I’ve uninstalled it and reinstalled and it still won’t work.

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Series X here, flight does not show up in the xbox insider hub… uninstalled and reinstalled insider app, hard reset the console numerous times. Support said to take out and put in again the campaign disc and hard reset and still nothing is showing up in the app….


Did you receive an invite notification on waypoint?

I have a feeling you can only access the Xbox flight if you have game pass or bought the digital version. I have bought the disc and I can’t see the flight in the insider app.

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No invite…. You may be correct about the digital vs. Disc…… if that is the case, then that is frickin stupid and they should have said so from the get go… I have Gold, but not game pass

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Really? :rofl: What does that not surprise you? They can’t even multiplayer fixed!!

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:

Incredible. 343 are inept at everything they do.

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Got 4 players this time and had fun playing through the campaign.

However, there was lag at times. Namely, throughout the Bassus bossfight. General network stability needs to be improved because that dude was jittery and at times teleported.

Whenever my co-op partner and I both die, the game gets stuck on the loading screen 90% of the time. Only option is to force quit and relaunch the game.

Sometimes you don’t even respawn after death, you just stuck floating and camera is off, the graphics are downgraded lol

1Playing with friend yesterday and …despite bad network connection , the respawn system can be quite confusing you don’t know when your partner will spawn on you and whether it’s safe( I’m refering to the same system Reach had…like a banner on the screen. Hope you could add this to the game.)
2Also…during the first chapter…before the cut scene, I went to detach the plasma cannon while my friend went ahead, and I was forced into cut scene, only causing stuck out of map issue and I can not detach can not leave can not respawn my teammate…or in other ways… Only option is restart the mission.
3And the fusion coils can be quite hard to throw because of network issue(Always causing self destruction)
These are the bugs or issues I discovered so far. I’ll update if I encounter more.
Thx for inviting me to this flight 343

The game doesn’t know what to do when the other player crashes resulting in an odd thing where you can exit; it just leaves you in a state of darkness or something.

One big improvement 343 needs to add is a ping to the Co-Op. Some players don’t have mics which renders Co-Op extremely difficult for coordination purposes. Fireteam Taco has been getting by with using the Threat Sensor as a pseudo-ping, but utilizing a normal ping system is a must-have.


-TacMap causes PC to crash sometimes
-Infinite loading screen
-Random Loading screens

  • Random ‘lost connection to game server’
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