Campaign Network Co-Op Flight – Network Co-Op Feedback

The Halo Infinite Campaign Network Co-Op flight is here! Along with Mission Replay, Network Co-Op has been added. This means you can go back, collect all your collectables, re-play missions, and more.

Please use this thread to provide us feedback on Network Co-Op. For Mission Replay feedback, you will want to use this thread here.

If you want to squad up with a fellow Spartan, you can check out the Halo Waypoint LFG thread!

Remember to keep your feedback on topic and S.M.A.R.T:

S – Specific
M – Measureable
A – Actionable
R – Realistic
T – Timely

You can read more about the flight here on Halo Support’s Insider page.

If you encounter any issues and need to report bugs, please head over to Halo Support.

Enjoy the flight and we look forward to your feedback!


The steam download currently seems to only download a 19 bit readme file that says “Thanks for playing!” Nothing else. No files, no executable, nothing.


Same problem here, just got a readme file and nothing else

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Ah, there were extra steps this time around for steam, need to set the beta under properties: https: //


Assuming it is live, nothing is showing up for Halo infinite in the Xbox insider hub under “previews” and “available”….???


Just checked on the insider hub youll have to download halo insider to use it but have to join through the regular insider hub after that launch halo insider take necessary steps and it should be useable by two people who own the campaign or gamespass but youll only be able to use this feature with them and may only be able to play with others who are part of the flight

The net-code is worst than MP…

My biggest piece of feedback would be for 343 to increase the number of save slots.

Many of us have 4 existing saves on the go in retail, and I can only speak for myself, but it would be fun to start a FRESH save for any co-op stuff. I know it all works as ‘no spartan left behind’ and such, but it’d still be nice to start fresh, without having to delete a save file.

Please, give us at minimum 1 additional save slot, when this feature launches in reatil.


Did you hard reset your console?

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Updated the halo infinite insider, restarted twice via the power button and still nothing shows up in the Xbox insider previews….hmmmm

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I have bought the physical disc for halo infinite. Am I still eligible for the flight?

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all there is in the files is just a readme text

thanks for the information dude

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I can’t even play yet. Mine just keeps wanting me to sign in to my microsoft account and no matter how many times i enter it it keeps wanting me to sign in.


Same thing here.

Maybe it’s intended as a way to expand the experience of the game’s narrative. Halo: Infinite login loop.


I’m also in the login loop of death


Why on Earth did you not let anyone who wants to join in with the flighting do so?

I play Infinite through the Xbox PC app (not Steam) but apparently to play it I have to go through Steam and of course I’m not registered because why would I when I already joined through the Xbox console ages ago for MCC flights. You manage to make everything you do difficult for people.


Same here. I own the campaign on PC through the Xbox App/MS Store (same thing), I have gamepass, but I opted out of console flighting because I don’t play on my Xbox One. I’ve been an active insider since MCC PC, but I don’t have an invite and there is nothing on the Xbox Insider Hub app. My co-op partner/GF has her console invite. I’m not about to re-purchase the Steam version so I can get the invite. Are the rest of us not on Steam S.O.L?

The two of us have been waiting to play the campaign for this!

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NVM Got our answer. Asked Ske7ch on Twitter. MS Store owners do not get flight access.

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