Campaign,Multiplayer, and Skill

Just a situation that I wanted the community to comment on. Do you believe that there is a good or bad correlation between Campaign, multiplayer and skill?

If a new player were to beat any of the campaigns on legendary, would their skill in multiplayer be increased significantly? Now I’m not talking being instant pro or anything, but at least be a hell of a lot better than when they started.

I’ve actually seen somewhat of an inverted version of this with my friend. They have been playing Halo since H2, only moving on to the next game when the servers cut or population just couldn’t find them a game fast enough for them. For them, it was nothing but multiplayer, and while they aren’t particularly good, they are definitely better at the game than they were 5 years ago. This person never touched campaign, didn’t even know why the game was called Halo. I once forced them to at least try Halo 4’s campaign to see how they would like it.

They never made it past mission 2, Requiem, in what had to be the most confusing observation I had seen. They knew how to kill enemies and aiming for the head and such, but were so used to the fact that when you die in multiplayer, you just pick back up from where the battle was with full ammo. In campaign, when they ran out of ammo, they resorted to punching and sometimes picking up different weapons. They would pick up anything, not knowing if it was a -Yoink- weapon or not, simply because all they ever used in multiplayer was battlerifle, dmr, assault rifle, and some power weapons occasionally. And the fact that campaign deaths have actual penalties like checkpoint restarting, with little to no ammo, they just dropped it and went back to multiplayer where things made sense.

Do multiplayer and campaign improve player skill, reduce it, or is it a matter of whether the player can actually learn from the game and their mistakes?

This an interesting topic. I for one, have always been a campaign-centered player, going head first into Legendary. I use these play-throughs as “warm-ups” for multiplayer, as silly as it may sound, but it has worked well for me. The same tactics I have developed over the years for campaign have translated well to multiplayer and I’m not tooting my own horn, but I know I am pretty good at multiplayer. It’s quite interesting that the invert does not work well for some people.

When I started playing Halo, I went right into multiplayer. A year later I played Reach’s campaign, and fell in love with it. I bought Halo CE Anniversary, Halo 2 and Halo 3 in the same year, and finished all the campaigns on Legendary with friends. Having an understanding of unique enemy AI fighting styles and other player’s play styles is rather helpful to me.

Interesting. It might help, considering the fact that to beat Halo on legendary, you would need better than average aim and a good understanding of Halo’s geometry.