Campaign mode shuts down my system, help?

I’m new to this forum, but I go way back to the first Halo so sorry if this is germans. I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find help with this.

I installed Halo5 from a disc. Then updated. I started campaign in solo mode and 30 secs in, my xbox turned off completely. I thought the concole might be hot, it wasn’t. I tried campaign in co-op mode and it shut down even faster than solo. I tried multiplayer and it works fine, i can play all night.

I tried other games, they worked fine. I unplugged power supply, let the light die and started the Xbox again. Same issue.

Called xbox support. I changed some memory settings per their direction and restarted/hold down power button. Same issue. They asked me to return the disc for a new one and reinstall, I did that. Same issue. They asked me to reset to factory defaults. Did that, reinstalled from new Halo5 disc, same issue. All other games still working. Xbox cust support told me to contact game developer. No reply, no response.

This can’t be a game issue, right? It has to be the console shutting down because it’s having a memory issue during specific game play sequences, right? How do I convince xbox that this is their problem and they need to swap systems for me? The system is brand new at Christmas, games too. Any advice

Anybody? I can’t be the only schmuck dealing with this, right? Somebody out there has to have seen or heard about this shut down thing, right?