Campaign mission select clarification


I was wondering if a member of 343 (ya right?) Or community member can comment on this. After reading the campaign select update description I now wonder if this is only for main missions or also for the side mission. IE can I replay or reset FOBs or UNSC squads or for example can I reset some of the Banished bases?

I hope we can do that and just not the main missions because the side missions seem to have the variety in comparison to the main missions which all seem to be in forerunner structures.

Would be cool to replay all of them with having a maxed out FOB with all available guns and vehicles


Good question, it’s in the co-op flight I think so hopefully can clarify it this week.

The side missions would be good to re-do, fob’s I wish banished would randomly re-capture some, doubt they would have replay unless re-starting the game

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