Campaign mission replay problem

Having already completed the campaign a long time ago, I want to try the mission replay, but only 2 missions show up on the tacMap. If I start a new game, then no finished missions show up in the tacMap. Am I missing something? There is no way in hell I am replaying this whole boring campaign again.

You need to replay them from a game save file where you previously had completed them on that particular save file.

If you start a new save file then none of them will show as complete (except the first two you have to do before reaching the open world).

I have kept a 100% complete game save file so that I can always go back and replay any mission I want.

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From the campaign menu, load game, I only have 2 missions, so that’s it then, I can replay 2 missions. Looks like the replay mission option is not like what we had in every other Halo title? This makes no sense to me, unless I am missing something, this just pisses me off.

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Mission replay seems a bit buggy to me, re did outpost tremonius on legendary and it still only shows it was completed on normal :-/


Is there a way to exit a level without finishing it?

If I just want to get a quick achievement, do I have to finish out the level before I can get back to the world map?

Yeah it’s buggy tried to go for the new sequence achievement where you have to kill all enemies at the south beacon on mission replay but none of the enemies nor beacon activation switches spawn.
Edit: so I found out if you already beaten the mission and do the replay you can only activate the first beacon and not the others since the enemies don’t spawn so it’s bugged. So if you want to get the new achievement you have to do a new game or join someone doing it for the first time and the tank that should spawn near the south beacon doesn’t spawn sometimes cause first replay it spawn but second replay it didn’t.


i have the same issue with the spire, replayed it on legendary twice now and still shows normal only

Well i replayed the mission on easy and it worked, needed some try and error tho. In the beginning just play as normal until the weapon points you to the 4 beacons, then grab a vehicle and go to the tank near the southern one (or a FOB to spawn one) and go for it. Do not use fast travel as this will make you exit the mission and nothing spawns in there

If you have the campaign completed in a save, you can replay all missions and stuff from that save. If you start a new game or something you cant replay anything as you havent played through that stuff in that save yet


I thought I was the only one having a problem with completing the sequence on higher difficulties and it not showing up. that is the only one I need and I would beat the game on legendry. I have replayed it 10 times thinking I’m doing something wrong but nope its just broken.

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It’s not like Infinite to have simething broken :crazy_face::joy::joy: It amazes me how surely it must of been tested, no doubt we’ll get a fix in season 6 lol

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This stumps me, because there is no way to manually save progress, so what is the saved file, where is the saved file.?

This stumps me, because there is no way to manually save progress, so what is the saved file, where is the saved file.?

When you play campaign the progress will be saved in a save slot. If you start a new campaign playthrough it’ll be saved in a new save slot. You have 4 slots in total, you can select them under “load game”

Got ya didn’t know there was a fast travel bug with the mission replay system.

Why was the system changed? Rally points made it even easier to find the right section of the level, and now it’s not even a mission select but a crappy save editor.

I had started a new game on a higher difficulty, when I went to replay missions, I only had 2 missions before the open world. Fortunately I had one check point saved from my first run through the campaign, If I had deleted that check point, I would not have mission replay for the whole campaign. This is the strangest mission replay system I have ever seen.

I tried to get the Headmaster achievement, in LASO mode, and I completed all the missions in legendary except The Sequence, which appears to me as completed only in Easy. I tried to repeat the mission many times and nothing. No matter how many hours of play you lose, they don’t know how to correct mistakes.

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I did a ticket as no doubt many others have as well, Iv’e so far found the sequence and Outpost Tremonios still showing normal completion, even though iv’e re-done them on legendary

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I finished the entire Campaign on Legendary by replaying the Missions from the beginning on my 100% completion save file, and sadly 7hrs and 38 minutes waisted as none of the progress saved.

Skulls active during 8hr completion achievement run





Grunt Birthday

While 343 look into the buggy problem with mission replay not updating progress correctly, I just started new game on legendary and did whole campaign again lol, so now it’s all showing legendary

Hello there, so i read every comment in this thread, and the only solution i see so far is to start the whole campaign on LASO !?

What a waste of my time,

My problem is the same (spire) only shows easy completion.

I have finished most of the campaign missions in LASO, only 3 missions left, but after facing this technical problem I suppose i wont play this game again, cuz LASO is a pain in the -Yoink!-

I ran into this issue with “The Spire” on a fresh LASO playthrough where it only registered as being completed on Easy after I was done. I was wary of this issue happening so I made sure to check every mission right after I was done with it. Once I noticed this hadn’t registered properly, I replayed it right away before doing the following mission (Pelican Down) and then proceeded on after confirming the second time properly had it marked as complete on Legendary. The achievement popped at the end for me after doing this, so hopefully this strategy will work for others too! I think the most important thing is to make sure you do the mission replay right after before moving on, if this does happen to you.

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