Campaign: Minimal blood effects and environments feel static and fake

Outside of the common MP complaints (challenge based progression system, lack of visible stats in game/on Waypoint, aim assist complaints etc.) the biggest disappointment for me, particularly in the campaign footage, is the lack of blood and how completely fake and static the environment looks.

The lack of blood is really strange as Infinite seems like it’s taking so much influence from Combat Evolved yet 343 have decided to ignore the blood effects which I think added a lot to making combat encounters feeling rewarding. It just felt good to leave a room with dead bodies all over the place and pools of blue and orange blood on the floor. I don’t understand why they’ve decided to remove this. Is it a technical limitation or something they have to do to get a T rating?

Another big thing is that the environments still feel completely static and fake. Sure there are a few birds and the odd bit of wildlife in the background but trees don’t sway in the wind. Foliage seems completely static and fake. Dirt doesn’t kick up when you spray bullets into the ground.

I’m not expecting full on environmental destruction but a few minor effects to sell the idea that the world is alive would make a big difference I think. Just some basic stuff like leaves falling, trees and foliage swaying slightly in the wind, some minor damage to walls or trees when shot (like scuff marks on the walls or tiny pieces of bark chipping off from trees when shot), dirt and dust kicking up off the ground. It’s these small little details that really sell the environment and make everything feel more real.

Hopefully this is just something that can be added and patched in at a later date. If it’s due to technical limitations than hopefully they can add these details for Series S and X consoles only? Anyone else bothered by this or is it just me?


I’m pretty bothered by the lack of blood so far. I’ve been replaying CE and H2 and the blood effect really sets the atmosphere for levels like 343 Guilty Spark and Oracle. It would be nice to have a graphical option for more or less blood to accommodate for player preference.


The lack of blood bothers me too. It’s something I miss and I believe it should be there. Halo CE was amazing, the coloured blood added to the game imo, now it’s virtually non existent.


I really don’t understand why they left it out.
Surely it can’t be a technical limitation and I’d be surprised if blue or orange blood earned a game a M rating.

Has anyone from 343 said anything about it? Would be interested in hearing why it was left out and whether it’s easy enough to add back in.

I really think the static environments are an issue too. They just looks so completely fake and lifeless. Most other modern open world games have environments that feel more alive.


No I don’t think the rating is relevant. Mortal Shell is coming to game pass next week, it’s a PEGI 16 here in Europe, that would be a T in the USA.

It has blood and quite a bit too. In fact I could list countless PEGI 16 / T rated games with more blood than Halo. I don’t get why it’s been reduced to almost nothing.


I don’t like gore for the sake of gore, like in DOOM, but it has its uses if done properly. For example: the Grunt blood splattered elevator shaft in Halo CE.


I don’t think DOOM levels of gore are required, Halo never had that, but we’ve nearly always had blood. I see no reason for it’s removal. Why not give us a toggle option ?

Tbh, if I had my way Halo would be full on blood and gore. We’re shooting grunts with rockets and they bounce across the map, or headshots with sniper, heads off imo.

I would like an 18 / M rated Halo if I’m being honest. Especially where the likes of the brutes are concerned. Don’t know if you’ve read the books but brutes are savage.

They rip off arms, eat their prey on occasion etc. Oni too, they’ve done some things. I would love a Halo game that represents books and various other literature more accurately.

As for Halo Infinite ? I would settle for Halo CE levels of blood and gore.


If enough people complain I wonder if it’s something that they can add back into the game?
Like would it take that long to add blood effects in or is it unrealistic to expect something like that post launch?


It 100% bothers me, as someone who has played since Halo CE. Alien blood in a Halo game has always been part of it. It adds immersion, adds to weapons feedback (vs the feeling of firing “NERF guns”), raises the stakes from a storytelling perspective and reminds the player that war has consequences. Not to mention it differentiates Halo as an IP. Blue grunt blood, purple Elite blood, and orange Hunter blood are incredibly iconic.

I’ve seen people downplay blood as an in-game effect by saying it is not necessary. As an artist, I couldn’t disagree more. The way sparks fly off metal, the dust and debris blown from concrete vs dirt, how wood chips fly out of a tree – all of these things matter, especially in a video game. Not having blood decals or reducing the hit effects on enemy AI, especially in Campaign, really does take something away from a Halo game.

I would like to see a toggle for blood. For those wanting optimal performance, or for those who are offended, turn it off. But for long time Halo veterans and as a means of going back to roots / honoring Halo CE, please add it back in – at the very least for Campaign. #halo-infinite #feedback #customization #gameplay #gameplay-mechanics #campaign


You blood people are the weirdest folk…


It’s not just the blood though.
It’s loads of little effects that help to sell the world.

Why don’t the trees and foliage sway in the wind or move at all? Why no leaves fluttering around in the wind?
Where is the dust and smoke that kicks up when you run or shoot at the ground?
What about the sparks and scorch marks when you shoot at metal objects?
Bark when you shoot at trees?

The missing blood is just the most obvious missing effect since it’s something that used to be a part of the franchise but is now removed.

These other effects would 100% help to sell the world and make it feel alive though. The current environments simply look fake and sterile. Like toys rather than real objects.

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How about you stop posting campaign spoilers before it’s even released?

You posted this in the wrong thread?
Nobody talking campaign spoilers in here my man…


I don’t really miss blood for fun or immersiveness to be honest. It added flavour to the Flood reveal in CE but never miss it in other moments.

I was hoping that the static nature of the environment during the flight was something of that build so I’m a little disappointed if that continues to be the baseline. Odd that infinite takes a step back there from the previous games, however all the anniversary versions in MCC prove 343 has the capabilities to correct that.

What I do like is the sound design of the environment. Find a distant spot in the forests on fragmentation and you’ll hear the trees cracking and all kind of wildlife, really awesome!

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Glad i’m not the only one noticing this issue, which probably would not be fixed before launch :cry:


Agree about the sound - that seems awesome.

I hope they can add in some other environmental effects later down the line. I imagine that after a year or two they’ll release graphical updates that can’t be supported on Xbox One, One S, One X etc.

I would like to see all of your suggestions to be in the game.

If 343i doesn’t add anything to that, i hope at least that it would be possible with mods to add more blood and effects. But the best would if 343i make them by themself.

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I’m curious as to why 343 hasn’t really addressed this much, especially with the attention it’s getting from players. Sure it’s rated T, but so are games like Apex (large blood sprays and decals on environments) and even halo 5 had blood on the ground and effects when shot. Bumping up the blood effects would not make the game M rated, and if I’m being honest halo 2 levels might still be teen today. If the flood come back without gore a lot more people are going to the thoroughly upset.


I’m personally happy with there being less blood effects. However, the environmental stuff is unfortunate and definitely something I hope will be fixed.

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The potential for modding is there now that the campaign is standalone. Let’s hope the modding community can get to work after release. That would entice me to buy it.