Campaign Matchmaking?

So having purchased a new Elite pad and being unable to find any matchmaking games after approx 2am GMT, I thought I’d jump into co-op campaign and get used to the new controller and layout. I’ve read all the talk of the lack of splitscreen co-op, but I was very surprised (because I’ve never had the need before) last night to find that co-op matchmaking doesn’t exist either. Unless I’m looking in the wrong place then you have to have ppl on your friends list to play co-op and can’t just join some randoms to do campaign missions.

Is this me just being dumb or have 343i left out this rather basic functionality too?

Nope, it does not exist. You’ll have to look else where for that.

I understand your problem
But nobody wants to play H5 campaign ever again IMO

Perhaps some sort of Custom Games Matchmaking would be better

Thanks guys.

Yeah playing campaign isn’t something I want to do but when all your friends are offline and you’re only option is joining some randoms on a US server, then playing campaign actually becomes an attractive proposition. I’ve got about 3 or 4 levels to complete on co-op so would be a useful exercise to help familiarise myself with the new pad and layout…and thanks for the tip, but I’m already bored of running around in a custom game on my own testing out the jump, crouch and shooting functions pretending to turn a corner and shoot someone in the head! Yep…I’m Billy no mates at 3am GMT! lol

edit: …and thanks 343i for leaving out this most basic of gaming functionality out of your AAA title. Much appreciated. :wink: