Campaign logs reset

So, I just decided to buy the AtN campaign, I have since played the 2 first missions and I think it is worth it, only if there was not this weird problem.

The same thing happened when the spearbreaker missions came out, haven’t player since, and I really didn’t even consider this not being fixed by now… Anyhow to get to the point, my progress concerning campaign logs, bonus and optional objectives has been reset to 0 for the first 2 missions played (haven’t gotten to the others yet) and my highest medals do not show either. All those logs 100 something logs were unread again, suppose that is related somehow. In addition, the spear-breaker logs have been reset as well. So what does this mean for the “the brute side” achievement?, I hope not to have to redo every mission until i magically are not so unlucky to get reset, anyhow…

It is not the biggest deal ever, its just the stupidiest thing and I really think it should be fixed.


Is there anything i might be able to do on my part so I doesn’t happen again, haven’t found anything on the forums as of yet, thanks for the help;)

This happened to me regarding the ATN logs… only achievement I haven’t got yet because they all reset when I was trying for the last one I needed.

So tired of everything being reset it reset my Campaign and operation Spearbreaker progress.

I just don’t understand why such a premium game (the UE at launch sold for ~90 so with the AtN that amounts up to a whopping 100+), is so flawed.
It IS an amazing game, and I do understand that a higher price might be the only way too, go given that it is probably not sold to that many people/ mostly hardcore halo fans.
But I personally just feel, and do note that it is speculation/a feeling and nothing more: that they pulled the plug for this game or something, I mean, how long has this problem been there already? I hope to be wrong, because the costumers of this game deserve better.

With the currently announced fix for MCC and the E3 announcement to have all earlier games available for the one platform (which is very cool and all) I really think this game as well deserves some care. How hard can it be to fix this annoying problem? I’m asking, because I genuinely do not know, but it is definitively not anything like the problems with the different game engines in halo MCC, right?