Campaign level Select

343 I’m sure you know already as been mentioned in reviews, but if you could please sort out some way of accessing levels after completing them :smiley:

While I intend on replaying campaign multiple times, some of the levels contain skulls etc, so difficult to access them if level gets shut off when completed.

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I have a thread on this also! Halo in general should always have mission select/replay! Its always been the way in halo games amd makes it fun and easy to go back amd replay favourite levels especially when playing co op

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Threads go up so quickly that they get shadowed quickly and I didn’t see it.

No doubt 343 will find a solution in their own time while they deal with prioritising things as they have alot to do, not in any rush to find everything, just gonna enjoy and explore in less than 2 days :grinning:

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I haven’t been following reviews and such of the campaign so that I can experience it all fresh, but I assume the lack of level select has to do with the openness of the game?

Are there areas with missable collectibles or Achievements that you can’t access at the end of the game? Because otherwise, I assume you could just reload your last save and go and grab everything you want.

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I trust HiddenXperia it’s at 11:00 in the video.

So basically to replay levels themselves you need to re start game, which kind of sucks as levels have collectables in them, so unless there is something that was missed somewhere, you can’t access levels when completed

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This is probably what made co-op so difficult.

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For real they need to find more ways to monetize the game.

I agree it’d be nice to have a genuine replay, but I seriously doubt you won’t be able to go back into dungeons and such after completing the game. Some people have claimed you can’t, but no official word or actual evidence of that so far, so I’m guessing you’ll be able to go back to get any collectibles you missed the first time through.

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They should charge 10$ per campaign level to let you restart as much as you wish.

8.99$ for gamepass ultimate subscribers of over 2 years.

I found this article with a quote from a Microsoft Representative. To me it seems like hopefully this means there are no permanently missable collectibles?

The postgame does give you the option to keep exploring the wider environment,”…”You’d be able to get any remaining FOBs, targets, [and] audio logs, but the main story missions would not repeat.” - A Microsoft Representative


So, basically, you can’t repeat story missions? I will not be purchasing anything at this stage.


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Yeah I think the gist is that the missions, with their bosses and cut scenes and such, won’t repeat, but you can still go back into those areas to get any collectibles you missed.


Thanks for that link, I’ll be playing alot anyway, it’s a shame as do like being able to replay missions as I would like.

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Yeah - I’m just hoping items like Skulls aren’t only inside structures which are limited to missions - which when completed can no longer be entered until the next playthrough.

Not saying I know it’s like this, just being cautious and I hope we get clarification soon.

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What kind of horse -Yoink!- is this?!

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What if you replayed as your spartan with your AI?