Campaign Level Maker

I chose carefully making the title of this thread, as if I said “Campaign Forge” everyone would think I was talking about editing campaign levels. I’m not. I would just quickly like to say I got this idea from the Enemy AI in Forge thread. Basically, take that idea and basically put it in forge with objectives. The way to confirm objectives would to be record your voice saying “We have to take down that construction!” Or something like that. It would also ask you to type it out in short so that the objective appears at the top.

Still talking about objectives, there could be an editing category called ‘Reactor’. Take this for example. Say that the objective is escape the enemy ship, when you complete this objective, you use the reactor to trigger, say the next objective or an explosion or something. Or a cutscene. Now I personally think think that this is the cool part. You could be able to import films that you have previously recorded in the Theatre mode.

One more quick thing. You know there are 3 sub-missions in every mission? Like ‘Let Sleeping Dogs Lie’ in Nightfall in Halo: Reach. Well you should be able to type that out aswell.

What do you think? Please add any ideas and give me your opinion. Oh and I would need a name for it aswell. And you should be able to publish it online for matchmaking (you would be able to go through a list that narrows it down to the publishers chosen genre and length.

I am now bracing myself for a whole bunch of trolling :confused:

Some of the ideas you have are very similar to that of Invasion. However it is different because of the fact that there are AI on the other team, and there are extended objectives. The problem with this is that most AI are set to go a specific path depending on what happens. This could be made possible by VERY advanced custom game options.
Example of Menu:
* = Option chosen
1. Grenade thrown at.*
a. Run to cover*
b. Fire back
c. Throw grenade
2. Miss shot.
3. Non-lethal shot
If not, then I would say just allow there to be a program to do so on the website.
Ex:> games> Halo 4> Downloads> X Map pack, Y Map Pack, Z Map Pack, Campaign Maker