Campaign length to compensate for...

Three playable main characters! There’s been some speculation and rumours that there’ll be three characters to play as in Halo 5. We all know who they are: Master Chief, Locke, and the Arbiter. To properly flesh out each character and make their stories relevant to each other and possibly even intertwine, the length of the campaign most definitely has to compensate for this. Halo 4’s campaign had only one playable character, but despite this, it still managed to feel rushed (IMOIMOIMOIMO). How long should the campaign be? I’d prefer it to be around 15-16 hours long. That’s around five hours spent on each character, depending on how the playability will be divided.

since we already had a game with a playable Arby, if Locke wouldn’t be enough as a second “Hero”, i’d rather have someone from Blue Team to be playable.

Much prefer to play as Spartan Thorne.

> Much prefer to play as Spartan Thorne.


And with the Infinity concept art, that may very well be a possibility.

I wouldn’t like that, it would make the campaign too disjointed, switching between two characters in halo 2 was more than enough jumping around for me

I completely agree with you that Halo 4 was way too rushed. As long as Guardians has an equal length as Halo 2, if not longer, I’ll be good. I wouldn’t mind playing as Locke but I’d much rather play as Arby n’ Chief. Maybe after getting to know Locke in Nightfall I’ll change my mind.

I certainly hope this happens. Obviously there will be some resistance from the fanbase, as there was when they realised Arby was a playable character in Halo 2, but three characters offer great potential for universe-building. I’m sure they’ll come round.

> I certainly hope this happens. Obviously there will be some resistance from the fanbase, as there was when they realised Arby was a playable character in Halo 2, but three characters offer great potential for universe-building. I’m sure they’ll come round.

There’s always resistance when this thing happens, like that whole scenario with Raiden being in MGS2, not many people were a fan of it.

OT: I do hope the campaign it longer. Of course, we have no idea how many characters will be playable as of yet, for all we know it could just be Chief. Though, I’m cool with the idea of switching between 3 characters, as long as it’s done right (I think Halo 2 did a pretty good job of this).

I don’t mind multi perspective campaigns, frankly i don’t know why people are so actively against it. What i am more interested in knowing though, is assuming we only get a single character-centric campaign, what elements would be applied to it to make it more unique? Tim Longo comes to mind, here. Wonder what 343i have got him for, given that he is creative director.

> Much prefer to play as Spartan Thorne.

I hope that there would be a spin-off game about him. He seems to be an interesting character with that “main character-ish aura”, if you know what I mean. Well, at least for me he does. Can’t really explain it better.

I’d love a blazblue approach. Where it focuses on 3 different groups (or in this case people) and focus on what they were up to. In the end of each arc they would tie up to 1 singular outcome.

I can see it happening. It could be Halo 2 again or its own game with 3 playable characters.

I just want to go invis again with Arby

If I had to choose, I’d pick Arbiter a thousand times instead of Locke. I miss playing missions in which I’m not alongside marines and UNSC, but rather Elites and alien technology. That was my favorite addition in Halo 2’s campaign.

It was one of the coolest things in H2 when you got to play as an Elite. I would like to play as Arby in the future games too.

I’d be fine with anyone honestly. If they also do have you switch between multiple characters it couldn’t be too often because then id feel I would have to adjust to the character all over. I personally just want 343i to stick with one PC.

I don’t know about Thorne. I might be the only one, but he doesn’t seem like main-character material to me. He seems more like a side-character.

So, here’s how I think Halo 5’s campaign should play out. You have 3 protagonists. You have Master Chief who is struggling between his orders, and what he feels he should do. He’s standing on a very thin fence, and anything could tip him one way or the other. So he’s searching for answers, searching for himself. He could be accompanied by Blue Team who would follow him anywhere without question.

Then you have Thel 'Vadam, the Arbiter and Kaidon of Vadam. Thel, like Locke, is searching for the Master Chief, the only Human who has ever called him friend, and the only hope that the galaxy has. He is accompanied, not by Locke, but by Rtas 'Vadum, his right hand and probably closest friend. The two of them are scouring the galaxy using the Shadow of Intent in order to find the Chief. Fan Note: They are also accompanied by Usze 'Taham and N’tho 'Sraom, Thel’s personal bodyguards.

And then there’s ONI Agent First Lieutenant Jameson Locke, who has been tasked by ONI to locate John-117 who went missing 72 hours after his return. Unlike the Master Chief and the Arbiter, Locke is not accompanied by anyway. He is a solitary character who acts more like a detective(ODST fanservice). The combination of him and the Arbiter both searching for the Chief echos the Gravemind’s words from Halo 2: “You will search one likely spot, while you will search, another.”

  • Locke sub-idea: Agent Locke is not traveling alone. He has the UNSC Infinity and its complement of Spartans at his back, including Gabriel Thorne and Sarah Palmer, as well as Edward Buck’s newly minted Spartan-IV fireteam consisting of himself, Romeo, Dutch, Mickey, and the Rookie.

When you’ve played through all 3 campaigns, you’ll notice that they all interest at the end, bring all 3 protagonist together, and unlocking one last stretch of campaign missions with the Chief as the protagonist, but not as he was before. He has now figured out his role in greater galaxy. And together John-117, Agent Jameson Locke, and Arbiter Thel 'Vadam are the Guardians of the galaxy(Reference unintentional.).

EDIT: Completely forgot one last bit to clarify. You would play each campaign section in a predetermined order so that it all fits together. Agent Locke is first in order to establish the story from the usual UNSC point of view. The Arbiter will come second to give a non-UNSC point of view and establish the Sangheili’s position in the galaxy in present day. And lastly, the Master Chief comes third, and we see his personal struggle unfold, conclude upon reuniting with the Arbiter and the Infinity crew, and take up their positions in the finale as Guardians.