Campaign legenth?

Any idea how long it would take the campaign on normal difficulty? I read somewhere it was kinda short. Just curious.

i heard 4-6 hours depending on your play stile, we shall see though

I know a few of my friends got the game from a small game shop on Saturday and they completed in on normal pretty quickly. Maybe 6 hours.

It depends on what difficulty and your player skill. Personally, i think that going for Heroic will increase play time AND help make the cutscens that much more rewarding to watch. I have come to believe that since Halo 3, Normal and Easy play the game for you with nerfed enemy AI.

Thanks. I only have from midnight till 6am to play so I’m trying to figure out what I’m gonna do between campaign and multiplayer.

It is supposed to be a full-length Halo campaign. Frankie has stated that they didn’t skim on the campaign.

Well I think I’m gonna go half and half then.

It depends on your playstyle, but many have said that Normal takes about 8 hours.

If you want to enjoy campaign, play heroic. Is not that hard and is not that easy. It’s the way meant to be played :slight_smile:

They always suggest heroic for the best campaign experience. I normally go for heroic first then legendary followed by solo legendary. Gradually ramp up the difficulty. Normal and easy are pointless though, no challenge whatsoever.

> If you want to enjoy campaign, play heroic. Is not that hard and is not that easy. It’s the way meant to be played :slight_smile:

Well people would argue that Normal is how it’s meant to be played, hence the difficulty name which can be paired with the word standard.

But Halo 4 would be more enjoyable on Heroic.

I hear it’s near 11 inches!

I can’t remember where I read this or saw this, I think it was in a campaign video with David Ellis. And in the video it was confirmed to be 8-12 hours long depending on what difficulty you played at.

It’s insane, some say 4,others say 8, while some say 12.

Heroic difficulty is considered the “True Halo Universe” by most of the Bungie employees and creators, seeing that it mirrors reality of the Halo world in many ways.

There you go.

Did it on normal in 5 hours on the dot.

I’ve heard anything from 4 to 12, so I don’t think you’ll know until you finish it yourself, or until someone you know with a similar play style and skill level finishes it.

Either way, after Assassin’s Creed 3, it’s going to seem way too short :confused:

> I hear it’s near 11 inches!

I read 11.7 in another thread. Anyways, So will we still the campaign with random people in matchmaking like in Reach? It was very easy with 4 people.