Campaign Legendary

This game is -Yoinking!- hard! I need some pointers, pronto! I’m not very good at this game and I’m not an expert, but it seems like luck has more to do with it than anything. Luck, as in if a certain enemy doesn’t happen to engage you as often, you’ll win. I’ve tried playing levels multiple times and I get closer to winning when those damn hunters don’t attack. You know what I’m sayin’? At any rate, I’m hoping if someone or the community could help me out. I can’t get past the fourth level. It’s unreal.

Just build Gauss Hogs. I’m pretty sure I finished the campaign on Legendary using nothing but Gauss. The only level I remember building anything else on was the one where you have to protect the Rhinos whilst they punch through the shield generator, 3 spartans in the hooks and some flamers to help with all the infantry drops. Every other level, just spam gauss, keep them moving, attack all the time, ram every hunter you see. It’s easy, I promise…

Just so happens there is a guide thread already

If you need help post on that thread and someone should be able to give you some help. Otherwise read though the guide and good luck.