Campaign Legendary Solo was insanely fun!

So I completed the Halo 4 campaign on coop legendary a long time ago, and i beat it on heroic solo before. But when I was playing solo legendary, i thought i’d have a very difficult time. But playing multiplayer taught me to be more patient, and quick on my trigger for headshots. I also learned to be a good scavenger, and that helped big time! What I’m trying to say is, I LOVED the campaign on legendary. I hope you guys make Halo 5 campaign this much fun again! After you guys took the reins from Bungie, i was skeptical at first. But that skepticism is buried in the past now. You guys are amazing, thanks for keeping Halo amazing!

It was fun for me too, except for Composer, and Midnight in a few places, kept running out of ammo, too many enemies, stuff like that.

Fun? More like a snorefest.

I could sleep my way through the Halo 4 campaign on Legendary.

There were a few parts that were really annoying, but overall it was pretty good. Not as good as the originals, but still good. I did solo Legendary on release day.

I completely agree, I thought I would do them as the challenges came out, but I just raced through them in 2 days, had a blast.

Requiem and Forerunner were the most agonizing levels but everything else was pretty easy and/or engaging.

The campaign was excellent, I rate it a 9/10, 100x better than Reach and I actually replay levels for enjoyment. While I still rank Halo 3 as the best camapaign at 10/10, I recommend everyone play this game on Legendary difficulty, some levels are soo hard and testing. Also like OP says, you have to scavenge for guns and be more efficient with your ammo.

Definitely one of those Campaigns that forces you to be a more strategic, smart player, your forced to use various weapon types to succeed and I really enjoyed that.

I always recommend grabbing a Light Rifle whenever possible, such a beast of a weapon in Campaign for playing Legendary Solo lol. Requiem was pretty insane, that level was quite hard and was possibly one of the hardest due to the sheer size of the level and the amount of Covenant you encounter that have a foothold.

Midnight was actually a very fun level for me, I enjoyed seeing the Promethean enemies play at their highest level, and they kept you constantly on your toes, especially those pesky Crawler Snipers.

I enjoyed the Halo 4 Campaign a lot but it was too easy. Co-op in Halo: Reach Campaign was a lot harder than Halo 4. There were more enemies to verse and they were slightly harder but in Halo 4, there isn’t a change.

I hope a new difficulty will be released in Halo 5 :3

Another thing I missed, is finding the Skulls. Probably not fun for others however :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought it was an enjoyable campaign, but i feel like i was playing heroic.

I mean they even boasted pre launch that you might want to play normal first as its going to be harder than the other halo games -> that was just Marketing blam it seems

I really enjoyed it aswell, was hoping it would be a little more difficult after what was said before release.

The only time it gets difficult is when you don’t have the right weapons/sufficient ammo for the job.

I really missing the scoring though, no idea why it was left out. I need to know when things are dead.