Campaign LASO question

Isn’t it bannable if you do this challenge by this way?

Save+quit after a checkpoint if you think you won’t make it to the next one.

When you die, you would quit to dashboard and fire Reach back up. You could then load your game and you’ll be at the last checkpoint you saved at, no need start over from the beginning just because you died.


Technically you’re not breaking the game to achieve it, just taking advantage of the system. Dunno if you’d get the challenge doing it that way or not, doesn’t seem worth it, cause it’s a real pain.

It would be better to do it co-op. SLASO when you die you start over at the beginning of the level, LASO with a partner you start over at the checkpoint.

Yeah, it’s confirmed, doing it co-op is not the way to do it. Do it solo and use the checkpoint save and quit trick. If you do it co-op at the end there’s a handful of Grunts, a sword Elite and two (TWO) Elites wielding concussion rifles. Do it solo, and there’s just a pair of Grunts the sword Elite, who you can assassinate if you let him run after Jorge. 5 hours down the drain, 12,500cR doesn’t seem like enough. -_-

It was an absolutely infuriating challenge. Legendary on Reach is the hardest Legendary IMHO. We figured it out in the end but it was irritating getting there. Totally worth it, though, IMHO. Wasn’t exactly a small amount of credits.

It isn’t that difficult. :stuck_out_tongue: