Campaign Issues

My experience with Halo: The Master Chief Collection has been better than most, but not perfect. I haven’t touched most of the content in the game, but this is what I’ve encountered so far.
Halo CE: Anniversary - After completing Assault on the Control Room, the level transition showed as loading the Library, but 343 Guilty Spark loaded instead. After I saved and quit to eat lunch, I hit resume and it dropped me into the beginning of the Library.
Halo 2: Anniversary - Checkpoint progress doesn’t save. Played the opening of Gravemind on Legendary, after clearing the first room I went to Save and Quit, then when I resumed play it started me from the beginning of Gravemind again.
Halo 2: Anniversary - Distorted audio while playing in Anniversary mode during the Metropolis level, passing through the lower tunnels near the first Jackal Snipers.
Halo 2: Anniversary - I progressed to the second checkpoint of Gravemind on Legendary, died twice in a row, and was sent back to the very first checkpoint of the level.
Will probably update this list as I work through each game. I sincerely hope that the upcoming patch helps resolve some of the more serious issues that players are having.