Campaign issues and Terminal issues.

While 343i is probably already aware of this and the other multitude of issues with MCC I figured I should chime in with the information I have if it might assist them in any way with their next patch. Firstly, the patch released recently only assisted minimally in fixing the problems with MP, at least for me. Second, I have been experiencing issues with the campaign in that I cannot save and quit at a checkpoint and return to that checkpoint at a later playtime; it makes me start the mission from the beginning. Third, the terminals do not work properly. I first noticed this on Metropolis when I found the terminal, got the achievement when I activated it, but the cut-scene didn’t play and it wasn’t unlocked on the Halo Channel. Then it happened again on The Arbiter only this time I still got the achievement but the cut-scene tried to play but it was choppy and kept freezing. Also, as the cut-scene for the terminal on The Arbiter tried to play the background music for the Halo Channel kept playing.

I didn’t get to see any of the Halo 2 terminals at all thanks to the game/halo channel being a complete glitched failure