Campaign is a let down...

I expected halo 5 to be this epic battle with Locke and the chief… I was wrong for thinking this, although multiplayer is entertaining, micro transactions ruin the game because the armor and such look amazing but it’s all based on RNG. 343 is ruining halo because Halo 4 sucked balls and halo 5 was a HUGE let down. If 343 can’t step it up with Halo 6, then the franchise will go down in flames.

The games sales actually are doing very well, so the franchise is going great.
If Halo 6 keeps on delving into the same direction as it has as Halo 5 then yeah, it will be complete trash.
Halo 5 takes some steps forward, developing itself into a new game. A few missteps like micro-transactions (that is just plain out gambling, mind you) and repetitive campaigns aren’t going to paint a very pretty picture for Halo 6.