Campaign Improvements?

Greetings fellow campaign enjoyers, here are my monthly suggestions for the campaign.
Feel free to add any suggestion that was not mentioned bellow.

  • Allow weapons variants to take regular ammo (the current state force the player to refill their weapon after each fight at the nearby FOB)
  • Add option to disable weapon outlines and hit markers
  • Allow marines to board the scorpion flanks and wraith turret
  • Make night cycles darker and add weather effect (fog, rain, storm, etc.)
  • Add hunters and wraith patrolling the roads or guarding key points outside the main missions and during the post part of the game
  • Add more wild life (e.g. small groups of non-hostile sentinels flying in the sky)
  • Add 3rd person camera skull
  • Add cosmetic skull that replace chief armor with multiplayer spartan armor
  • Add an option to skip FOBs tutorials
  • Increase Coop max range from 300m to 500m or higher

I’d like to see AI improvements in general for this game. This would not only benefit campaign and coop, but also could impact and improve bots that replace abandoners in multiplayer to make them more competent but also improve vs bot matches as well.

I’d like to see events happen on the map, random if possible. Like you can be driving along, and you’ll run into an actual skirmish between marines and banished, and these events can be pretty large scale as well.


One of the best in-game event system i ever saw so far came from Red Faction. While progressing through the game you would capture and maintain territories from the dictatorial faction in order to cripple their emprise over the population and unlock more tools/vehicles the more territories you gain. It would be interesting to see Halo Infinite try something similar.

I hope when new weapons is added to multiplayer it should be added to campaign too.


Coop campaign. Selectable missions.

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I think mission select is coming in the coop flight

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I forgot about the scorpion tank. That one’s just criminal. It’s the same game engine, you even have the same animations from Halo 5. How do you manage to break a twenty year feature?

A lot of these feel like things they may have tried and failed.


If they’re sticking with the open world, they need to treat it as such.

Add more random events, content etc. After I finished the campaign, the open world just felt so dead.

It’s just one big level with subsections that branch off into seperate missions. No biomes, nothing like what landing on a Halo ring would feel like in the other entries.


i like to see there add a medels system in the campaign also like you get in other halo campaign’s.

and also add banished vehicles in the FOB’s that you can use.

you mean more like a boss raid system that after you compleet the full campaign on random place’s on the map some boss’s respan from the story missions and also have more hp and what more bezerk go against you then in the story missions?

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At least something. I know I got tired of the campaign pretty quickly.


that part is true that it gets pretty quickly boring.

if you try a lot off diffrend way’s to defeat a boss or look for a legaal quick way to defeat him.
or in my case more try some funny way’s to defeat then also.

but something needs to be done for sure to keep the fun and wane keep people off playing the campaign long thats for sure.