Campaign Improvement suggestions

  1. Lower brightness during the night cycles
  2. Improve weather effects (e.g. make thicker fog effect, rain, etc.)
  3. Add hunters patrolling along the roads / guarding banished outposts during post-game part of the campaign
  4. Allow the scorpion to be boarded by marines
  5. Allow marines to board wraith turrets
  6. Add swarms of smaller sentinels as critters in the ring environment
  7. Bring back option to hover obstacles with ghosts
  8. Add wraiths patrolling / guarding certains open area during the post-game part of the campaign
  9. Option to disable weapons outline

I sincerely hope that as Halo Infinite is developed we sort of get a “Halo Infinite: Enhanced Edition” of the campaign. No I do not think Ray Tracing is enough as, you already pointed out, there are numerous functional improvements that are needed regarding vehicle handling, balance, integration into the sandbox, and the open world in general. I also sincerely hope that they continually review and revise the global illumination integration in the open world. I find that a lot of the red probes are ugly and they cast like in an overly strong, opaque manner. The LOD pop-in is insane. The High Resolution Texture pack causes stutters and uses way too much Vram. There are simply way too many technical issues with the game to let this rest as it’s final iteration.

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