Campaign Idea - Hunters patrol

Played several hours in the open world segment of the game, just vibing with a sniper while taking down random patrols around the map. In all my playthrough in the after-game part, i encountered grunts, jackals, elites, brutes, sentinels and skirmishers but no hunters (other than the pair of banished variant protecting the skull)

Who else think it would be great to be able to fight hunters once you complete the main and side missions?

Hear me out, imagine you are chilling on the road with your warthog or razorback, and out of nowhere two hunters pop out and start engaging you and your marines. Your warthog roll over and you and your squad exchange fire with the two mastodon. Or imagine you come back to one of the banished outpost you cleared earlier in the campaign and you are greeted by two hunters at the entrance. Not only would it make the post-game encounters less repetitive and more unique but it would also improve the re-playability and provide more epic moments during the playthrough

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I think there could be an awesome system through which the banished could have more operations on the ring. I wish they had filled the world in a way more similar to Far Cry, with larger patrols to ambush and clear out, and a variety of different banished convoys or prisoner groups to attack.

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