Campaign, Honestly, WOW Worth a buy if you haven't already


i just got to say, having played all the halo games campaign storys, and i am really really happy how this one played out, i hope there is more to come!

no spoilers here - but i would like to congratulate 343 on such a great job,

the campaign has always been my favoured part of halo and halo infinite campaign was defo worth the wait,

i really really hope we get more that can be added to infinte campaign or next game, but dont rush it! i really loved it!

(edit {ADD}, if i could change just one thing id make it so you can repeat any of the missions at any time)


Agreed, this is phenomenal. So far might be my 3rd fav story so far


:smiley: yeah, id give it a top 3 for sure!!


Wow nice to see some positive post for a change.
Read some posts earlier that people think the game is meh and the graphics are crap,these people just seek attention and have nothing better to do than slag things off because they lead boring self-isolating lives.


Well in their defense the flame rate is kind of crap. I play on an Xbox One x and it can barely maintain a ,60 frame rate most of the time. But I will have to agree the campaign is absolutely amazing they’ve done a really good job. But part of me can’t help but imagine if they didn’t have such a crappy engine as the slip space (the engine’s technically most of the codes from 2012) that they’re having so much problems with it. iits complete trash and they wasted almost 6 years on it how much better this game would have actually would have been.

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Really? Seems like writing changes happened through a lot of this story to me.

And the whole endless seems shoehorned in out if absolutely no where.

So many things un answered when tying up previous plot points.

I’m mixed on it so far, just finished my play through, environments, forerunner stuff, gameplay is absolutely spot on. Story seemed a little out of place to me. Banished fit fine, it’s just the rest that didn’t.

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I would like to buy it, I might wait it out until I get bored of the multiplayer a bit since it wouldnt want to exhaust my options to play right at the release of the campaign since season 1 is pretty long.

people who put graphics and frame-rate over the story telling in a non-competitive story mode… makes me sad for them to be that low, when the game has only JUST got released theirs bound to be a few bugs here and there, after all they didnt publicly test campaign, like they did multiplayer

just found out that campaign cannot be played offline and so that very much chabges my view. Just wasted £54

Infinite strength is its combat for sure, id go as far to say its the best combat so far. The grapple is an amazing addition to the series and you can really do some amazing plays with ti that make you fee like a badass.
The open world i wasnt so sure about going in but they really nailed the feeling of being on a ring.
wont go into spoilers with story but again if you read books you understand more about the finer details of whats going on so that helps.

Im really impressed overall its defo in my top 3 maybe even 2, needs to grow on me abit, to really tell but its a great halo either way. Really happy with what we got. The length of the game as well is great.

The Legendary ending though, that was amazing.

I gave the story 3 out of 5

And beloved Halo 3 still lives in the hearts of Halo fans even though it chugged along at only thirty frames per second.

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Yeah you’re absolutely right a game at 30 FPS that came out 2007. I forgot what year is it again??? I mean it kind of does make sense it’s 2021 on a powerful console and or PC and it can barely run 60. So just cap it at 30 FPS on infinite


Guys it’s good, I don’t think it’s worth the price, we don’t have Co-op and you can’t replay story missions outside of a new Save File. It’s a good open world campaign for sure and it’s a blast but once you’re done with it it’s done there’s minimal replay-ability if any.

to be fair, they said they were going back to the roots, maybe it was their way of getting players to replay the game.

and also i agree with you, not having mission select, and no co-op is a big kick in the teeth at launch, but! these could still be added… sure could of been done already. but hey its good so if we give them the reward of making us happy and give them gratitude, they will feel rewarded and “maybe” thank us for the support by giving us what we are asking for,

{but in their defence they did warn us their wont be co-op at launch}

(i say this as an learning indie dev, it takes a lot of time and a big team to make a game this big - communication is important and miss communication/understanding happens a lot to some game development teams, Especially the bigger teams, hense why it takes longer) D:

Guy… we’re rewarding them with $60 and buying battle passes… I understand you can look at this from an Indie dev perspective and more power to you, but these guys have been triple A game devs at Microsoft for quite some time now, and they should be held accountable to that standard. Anything less and they’re stealing from us. We vote with our dollars and I feel like I’ve been scammed out of $80

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i whole heartedly understand your frustrations to the situation they’ve given us,

and i think you have really good points made,


this is a great step in the right direction for 343, lets be real, halo 4, and 5 were failures compared to ce/2/3/reach/halo-wars - great games to play but still campaign’s were failures 4 being the worst IMO,

halo infinite’s campaign, sure missing content

  • cough - The Library/Quarantine Zone/F**** Gate- cough -

it also feels like the ending of the game was abit abrupt but honestly it gives me “high hopes” for a part two DLC tbh,

and the mission select could be added to the game within a week, the time consuming part would changing the code menu, without breaking anything.

anyway not gonna defend them or attack them, just voicing what i see XP

good luck spartan, give em hell out there tint out

Couldn’t agree more that this a step in a great direction for Halo, and I too am excited to see what comes of it. I just hope there’s still enough of us playing when the content does finally get here.

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Is halo 2 number one??

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