Campaign Fun: Nothing But Needler

Are you getting a little tired of matchmaking, and wanna try something different? Or maybe you just want to spice up the campaign a little, but Mythic Difficulty is too frustrating.

Well, there’s a solution for both. “Nothing but Needler” is a moderate challenge I’ve come up with that restricts what you can do in the campaign, while having some twisted fun at the same time.

If you haven’t gotten it yet, you pretty much have to use the Needler. All the time. You can’t fire from any other weapon, or vehicle for that matter. Here’s the breakdown.

What you can do:

  • Melee*
  • Use vehicles to splatter
  • Drive a Warthog with a Marine gunner
  • Enable Bandana skull

*Since there’s no Needler in the Pillar of Autumn, you’ll pretty much have to bash your way to the end. The Library is a whole 'nother beast. I advise getting some help from exploding carriers.

What you can’t do:

  • Use grenades
  • Fire from vehicles
  • Fire from a weapon not named the Needler*
  • Play on difficulty lower than Heroic

*In the opening of Two Betrayals you begin with a Shotgun and Plasma Pistol. This is the only exception to the Needler rule where you may use either weapon in what is considered an “active cutscene” similar to the showdown against Guilty Spark. Once you open the doors to the rest of the mission, the Needler is the only weapon you can fire again.

Why the Needler? Because it’s hilarious watching the enemy running around in terror before exploding in a pink mist. (I know, I’m sick like that.) Also, it’s visually the most improved weapon in Anniversary. Sounds awesome, too. I haven’t completed the challenge yet myself, but after going over how you start each level, I’m pretty sure it’s possible.

Just prepare for a whole lot of respawning once you board the Truth and Reconciliation. Good luck.

Sounds fun. I might do this.

That sounds really fun.

Seems fun, but I will stick to nothing but pistol

Walking on AoCR? Sounds like a nightmare…

Deprivation of grenades is unnecessary imo. I like using plasmas in conjunction with the needler for epic ownage.

In my opinion, it would be better with Grunt Funeral and Boom.

> In my opinion, it would be better with Grunt Funeral and Boom.

Nothing but AR for the win!