Campaign Fully Upgraded DROP WALL

Anyone see the fully upgraded drop wall in the campaign 0_0 if not check out a short video from Mint Blitz on YouTube.

This version is crazy and way better than the one we have in multiplayer now.
I wouldn’t have it exactly the way it is when fully upgraded. For example in the campaign you can shoot though it with any weapon and it will EMP vehicles. That’s way too OP for multiplayer. With that said if it didn’t have these OP features the drop wall would be a great game mechanic in halo infinite multiplayer a successor to the bubble shield.

I would have it like it is fully upgraded but have it balanced well.
It won’t have the ability to emp vehicles, too OP.
It will be a one use equipment because of how strong it is.
It could be just a little bit weaker to shoot out the panels.
The size would be great and its a timed equipment so it won’t be active for long. Even if it’s seems to OP it can spawn in one location in the map and have longer respawn time.

I’d rather this version than the one we currently have now.

Let’s have a vote. Which one we want in the multiplayer.

  • Current PAPER Drop wall
  • Improved Drop wall from campaign

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