Campaign FPS Incredibly low

So I can run this game at medium settings on medium/low settings in BTB with minimal drops on my RX 570 but man the campaign on all low is unplayable.
Anyone else have performance issues? This card should be able to hold 30fps at least

Might be caused by having to light and render way more than in mp

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Kinda sucks since my series X won’t be here for another month, and there’s ZERO gpu’s available for decent prices.

Oh the optimization is terrible. Plenty of people complained about it in the flights, including myself, and they were like “nah, it’s good.”

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Anyone playing the campaign on the old Xbox One? Not sure if I want to spend 60 bucks when it isn’t running smoothly.

Yeah that was surprising tbh, tons of issues I’ve seen reported that didn’t exist in the earlier demo showcase. Not sure how they managed to make it look comparatively worse and lessen the optimizations

I will be, letting my brother use our Series X. Will let you know how it goes

There are, you just have to fight for them. Check out Falcodrin on twitch

I’ve noticed my FPS only changes by 5-10 between ultra and low, and even if i render at 2160 or 768p, my fps is almost the same no matter what.
Cpu utilization stays right at 53% as well.
So poorly optomized
Running the latest radeon drivers as well, 21.12.1

Im playing on ultra at 3440x1440 with a 3600 and 3080 with 80+ fps for the campaign and 100 for multiplayer. Game is running pretty smooth for me. Seems from other threads its mostly AMD gpus affected.

OK so for everyone having this problem:

Is a driver problem. I just download the newest AMD drivers and no im gettin 90+ FPS in the open world map.

For some reason Adrenaline doesnt update so you have to search for it. I cant include links (thanks 343) so just google: “Halo AMD drivers”, it should be the first link (official)

install it and you should be fine. It work wonders for my RX 6800 XT, from 20-25 fps in ultra to 90+ in ultra

21.12.1 is the newest driver [december 3rd] from what I have found, and I already have that one. Unless There’s one I’m having trouble finding.
It seems like it’s just an AMD issue, probably more driver optimization is needed since the GTX 1050TI can run at low 60fps no major issues but the RX 580 cannot

I went from 100+fps in multiplayer and about 90 in the opening missions to a rock solid, unchanging 32fps between the first boss and open world reveal. As soon as the door opened and I saw the open world, a perfectly stable 22fps.

I updated to the latest AMD drivers and now the game won’t launch. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or what.

Im currently using 21.40.xx from this page: (eliminate the spaces)

www. amd. com /es/support/kb/release-notes/rn-rad-win-halo-infinite-mp

Are you starting the game from the Gamepass / Xbox app?

If that so then maybe it is another problem with the app. The easy solution (that didnt work for me, but maybe for you) would be go to Settings / Apps / Xbox app and ten press in “restart”

For me, I had to open Windows Powershare and introduce a code that i dont remember to be honest BUT it was given to me by the app (it should appear a blue bar in the upper section of the window with a message like “Cant install games? click here” or something like that)

I had to uninstall the game, then uninstall game pass, then uninstall the gaming services app, then update windows 10. Then restart and add all those things back again.

Works flawlessly, except for the hours of wasted time jumping through hoops.

Why don’t you just try it in game pass and judge by yourself?

If it makes you feel better i had to do the same plus uninstalling Halo in Steam just to be sure.

campaign is totally worth it btw

I gave up halfway through this mess, because there wasn’t an uninstall option for the gaming services app I could find.

Running it on PC with a GeForce 2070 Super. In MP it doesn’t budge from 60 fps. When I first started the campaign it would stutter in the open world and would dip on the fps. Lowest I noticed was 45 fps. I restarted the game after updating my drivers and I haven’t noticed any major performance issues since.

If you’re running with an NVIDIA card I’d check the drivers. AMD…maybe that’ll help if you do the same?