Campaign failing to save!

Hi all

I am going to keep this simple

Name tag: WildCarD 9003

Platform: XBox One


  1. During any campaign mission, the game does not auto save (says no saves found)
  2. Unable to manually save any progress (no option to save in ingame menu).
  3. Mission selection reverts back to the first mission ( all mission after are blocked.

All the above all happen on a the standard game and the DLC.

Any help in the matter would be greatly appreciated.


This happened to me today. I restarted my PC and my old saves were back, and my missions were unlocked again. The glitch probably had something to do with the update that rolled out yesterday.

Been looking a this, and its very common problem. I just hope the fix it soon.

i have tried restarting my XBO and logging out and back in with no joy