[Campaign] Failed to load content, missing dl

Alright here’s my problem I am unable to play the Campaign Mode of Halo 4. I can watch the prologue just fine, then I try to go to do the mission “Dawn” I click Rally point AlPHA and it says "Players failed to load content. A player may be missing downloadable content. " with all this being said I want to say that I downloaded the 2nd disc of Halo 4 first & then proceeded with disc 1. Had a Halo 4 update and then proceeded to the campaign mode. I even went as far as uninstalling the disc download & reinstalling, nothing. has anyone else had this problem? how can I fix this?

try deleting your System Cache.

Unplug everything from your xbox (video cable, power cable, controllers, hard drive) put everything back in and try again.

I am also having the same problem guys and in the prologue the scenes tilt a lot like if the DVD was scratched and it was brand new opened

how would i go about deleting my cache? also I’m getting “The Halo 4 Server is not available at this time, please try again later”

Guide button > Settings > System Settings > select Storage or Memory > highlight any of the storage devices you have (it will clear the cache for all of them) and press Y.

Select “Clear System Cache” and then confirm. That should do it.

I cleared my systems cache, still did not work, it loaded to 44% and then the screen glitched on the Mission Button Logo then it said “Players failed to load content. A player may be missing downloadable content.” anyone have any other ideas?

Im having the same exact problem man, its very frustrating!! im not sure what to do, but let me know if you figure out how to fix this


Help! I really wanna play campaign

Possible fix. It worked for me, it may also work for you.


I tried what you suggested Ricky but it didn’t work. still got the same old message.

fixed the problem, i went back to gamestop & just replaced my disc and it worked. i guess it was just a faulty disc

Hey guys. I was also unable to play campaign i kept getting the “may be missing a download” message. BUT I THINK I HAVE THE SOLUTION!
All i did was install the game (press X on the dashboard option where youd usually press A to play the game/open or close tray). However at first i had some problems. it would get near half way in the installing process and say “can not read disc” but all i did to fix that was go to my
settings-system-storage-whatever storage device your halo memory is on- Games and apps- and deleted all my memory on halo 4 and also cleared system cache. presto i installed the game, did the update and my campaign worked.
P.S it seems pretty safe to say that downloading the content from disc 2 doesnt help. if anything its making the problem worse. so its best to install it after you have everything working campaign wise.
Hope i helped.

Will it make our save data lost? Or we can continue on again??

I’m having the same problem as well and it is when i did the mission Forerunner and i went to do the next mission infinity and it came up with it as well can anyone please help me i really want to do this mission and it looks really really good help he please

Wonderful sign that this problem has been happening since release and still has yet to be fixed. I cant get passed forerunner without this message popping up

Got a new copy and working now

well the thing is that i had the same problem with two halo 3 copies and my first halo reach and it means one of a couple of things:

  1. your disk drive is going out and you need a new console.

  2. your disk is only readable in certain areas allowing the console to start the game but only read certain things

  3. both of these which means you need a new console and a new game.

  4. your xboxs cooling system is covered by dust so you take it apart and clean it.

trust me on this when i say tricks only work for some people and that if those don’t work try considering that it may be one of these.

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I’ve been having that same problem since I got the all the maps. I still think 343 is just screwing up again. Its not like those people can get anything right. First my codes and now this. Thanks 343. Won’t be getting anything made by you again.