Campaign download available IN-GAME

After updating outside of the game, launch Halo Infinte, go to Campaign and then select what to install

EDIT: I’m playing through the Xbox App on PC. I had an update available once I launched the app. Try restarting and see if you have anything.

side note, not sure if I got unlucky or what, but applying HD Texture installation while updating with the campaign broke the download for me. So I guess, don’t do that lol


No option for me yet. Still says it’s coming on December 8.

Also there was a 54 Bytes (yes, Bytes) Update.

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Same here. Scotland.

Edit: Restart console to get update.

Still no option to campaign dl nor a mp update

Are you using Steam or the Windows Store version?

For those saying still waiting make sure you’ve completed the 4GB update first. Once that update is done you should be able to go in game and select campaign. From there it will give you options to download the campaign (approximately 21.9 GB)

Edit: this is for Xbox

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Restart your console and you should be prompted when you boot up the game and chose campagin.

On Steam and it’s still not prompting in game or Steam launcher. Very excited, hope it shows up soon so I can start the download

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Steam is not pushing the 4GB update.


I wonder can I leave the screen will it keep downloading? I could go check out the new multiplayer stuff. If anyone tries let me know.

Can support this, no update yet. I’m verifying integrity files currently, maybe it helps.

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Steam is ALSO telling me I have the option to purchase the game though I have purchased it day 1 preorder.


If on Xbox then I think you can, although I haven’t tested it. Update is downloading while I am in my home screen.

Can support this as well, noticed exactly the same thing.

I’m also on Steam and the game was pre-ordered for my account. The campaign is in my library, but I’m not getting the mp update, much less the campaign install.

Following this thread for updates :slight_smile:

Playing on Series X in the UK, and there’s still nothing at all for me, why wasn’t there pre load :s

Update finally appeared for me, by going to manage game and then updates. 4gb here we go

Must’ve been the rest of the free customization options :sweat_smile:


On Steam. No access to campaign yet.

Edit: Scratch that, another download just started as soon as I posted this.

Yes you can leave the screen and go look at the store I guess you could even play a multiplayer game while you wait. Though that might slow your connection down I don’t know about that kind of stuff really. I don’t see any new playlist in the multiplayer though.

On Steam, update just started