Campaign (Don't read if you are avoiding spoilers)

Is anything clearly explained during the campaign? Or is it all left for speculation?

The first cut scene with Halsey saying that Locke will be asked to kill them both makes me think the story will revolve around Halsey and her actions. Now Cortana is dead, she saved chief and is gone. Halsey knows a great deal about forerunner artifacts and she made Cortana with some of her brain. During Cortana’s rampancy break when fighting the didact the knowledgeable forerunner (Halsey fragment of Cortana) found a means of escape. The Cortana that loved chief stayed and died. This would explain why blue team was lead to be captured as it is Halsey in an artificial form.

Hasley’s grand plan all along? Could explain the the kill us both remark she made at the start of halo guardians. Not a halo 5 title as chief is playable 3 times.

Theory aside. I didn’t feel invested in the new characters and their objectives changed way to often. Get Halsey back, go get chief, pick a fight with chief, track down chief, change from returning chief to helping chief and finally save chief. Chief was made a badass in halo CE, you read the little story in the game book. Humanity at war against an alien race, only earth remains and now the pillar of autumn flees with the last remaining Spartan 2 (master chief). The same was not done for Locke and he felt like that annoyance character you had to play as in halo 2. Rush through his missions to get back to play as chief.

It is not hard to introduce fire team Osiris. Say they are to get Hasley back and have Buck says ‘Surprised Blue team didn’t get this gig.’ (Vale and Tanarka giggle a little) Palmer responds ‘Blue team are assigned to a more urgent assignment.’ Then Laskey says something to acknowledge Osiris is second best choice to blue team for certain reasons. Then scene focuses on Locke sitting down in the pelican and you only see his face when he stands up and he could say ‘We’re not here to arm wrestle with blue team. Osiris, the light’s green.’

Any who anyone else got theory on the story. Or evidence of something that will happen. Well do you?