Campaign: do collectables carry over between saves?

I’ve finished the campaign but I didn’t get any skulls or audio logs in the missions. Do they carry over between saves or will I need to go and find literally everything again on a new save?

They carry over, with exception of the spartan cores (since they have influence over the ability upgrades and you shouldn’t be able to start a save with fully upgrades abilities ofcourse).

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Thanks for the help.

------ No problem ------

The armor lockers don’t carry over either

and thats something there need to add also that it can carry over once you have open then for the first time since its sometime’s annoying more if you wane make a save file 100% compleet but you still need unlock then all again.

I just remembered that the propaganda towers don’t either.

They carry over… except for the Forerunner Logs. Those you will have to hunt for again.