Campaign DLC?

Would you play a Halo 5 Campaign add-on similar to what was done with Halo 3 ODST? Because recently I was thinking about interesting ways they could take with a Halo Campaign that wasn’t focused on the Master Chief. My favorite idea was to be a member of the SOS (Swords of Sangheilios) fighting in the Sangheili civil war. They could take it in any direction they wanted and I think it would be a good chance for 343 to show off Sangheili culture/lore in depth to the casual audience. And it would suit a small DLC add-on role. Especially since there will be time spent on Sangheilios in Halo 5 and it would link in very well. Just thought I would put that idea out there and see what you guys thought.

I dont think that would be a smart move, mostly because that form of DLC is not a Halo thing or shooter for that matter. Conceptually it could be interesting to see third party view point but I dont think It is something many would want to pay for.

Well this year we have Halo 5, next year Halo Wars 2.
We will get something related to Halo in 2017 for sure,not Halo 6,so maybe, what you’re saying comes true…

Well I would preffer to play a DLC of missions from Blue Team.

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> Well I would preffer to play a DLC of missions from Blue Team.

that would be great

I know it’s a long shot, but I’d love an expansion where you play as the Arbiter.