Campaign discussion

What do you all think they need to add change and improve in the campaign

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Part 2 and Part 3 need to be released, as well as DLC campaigns from other perspectives to explain stuff between Parts so that way Master Chief’s story isn’t too cluttered.

They need to bring the campaign exclusive variants of the weapons form the Campaign to the multiplayer.

The Mark VI Gen-3 Armor Core needs to be unlockable.

More skulls. Including one that allows you to use your multiplayer Spartan as a stand in for Master Chief.


I’d like them to remove the invisible barriers between islands in the open world.
If you manage to get across you should be allowed to. If it’s too soon in the story it’s one thing, but feels frustrating and limiting later.


I can’t tell if because my most recent run was a LASO but at least lately I was able to pull myself through the barrier rather than drop like a stone directly into space. This is an improvement over gently clipping it and dying instantly because my grapple became non-functional afterwards, even for returning to the part of the world it wanted to keep me on.

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Part 1: Storytelling

Change or modify the “one shot” style of story telling. Watching ActMan’s video really drove it home for me. All the cutscenes look exactly the same! All the master chief cutscene are him talking to the Weapon (in dark room with blue light) and all the banished cutscenes are Escherum and his hand of Atriox sitting around talking (in a dark room with red light).

There’s only a few cutscenes that have action. The opening, Chief jumping from the tower, and chief’s first encounter with The Harbinger.
I think the one shot style worked well for telling a more personal story. The dynamic between; John, The Pilot, and Weapon’s relationship was well done thanks to the one shot cutscene style. But I hope going forward, we have cutscenes that are more “show” then “tell”.

Speaking of show rather than tell, the Cortana moments were a good story device. But between these moments and Echerum’s monologues to Chief, I felt like too much of the story was presented through “holograms”. Again, I think this goes back to the limitations of doing a one shot cutscene style.
One of the Cortana moments I think could have benefitted from a full cutscene was her encounter with Atriox. Actually seeing Doisac destroyed by the Guardians in a wide sweeping cutscene shot would have been really cool. That said, the one shot here showing Atriox’s face as it twitched with burning hatred worked really well, but I feel it could have still been achieved using a more traditional cutscene style.
If 343i keeps the one shot style going forward I wouldn’t mind, as long as there are less “holograms”, more action scenes, and larger sweeping shots if appropriate to the story.

Part 2: Gameplay space

Brining the Open world style of game to Halo was a bold move on 343i’s part. And I think it worked, though I find myself missing the linear Halo’s of the past. The funny thing is, as open as the world is, the main missions feel too constrained. Probably because most of the main story beats take place in interiors. And these interiors are very repetitive.
There are a few standout areas, The house of Reckoning with its mock up UNSC bases for Banished to train on was neat, I probably remember that area the most because it lead to the best Boss fight in the game, Jega.

The Road also stood out to me because it’s the only main mission space where we drive vehicles. The majority of vehicular combat takes place in the open world (and as I said above most missions take place in interiors).

One gameplay space that stood out to me as Pelican down. The island it took place on was small in comparison with the rest of the world, but the objectives (the AA guns) were outside. And while this section of the game had the weakest boss fight, this segment felt the most Halo to me. (On a side note, can we get more “catalyst” variants of Banished vehicles like Hyperious’ Chopper?)

The open world section with the capture-able UNSC bases, Banished outposts to assault, and bosses to kill, is fun. The activities are varied enough that they don’t get too repetitive right away, though I found myself getting a bit bored of them later in the game…I still haven’t found all of the Propaganda towers,the skulls, or audio logs. All remaining ones are locked behind missions I can’t return to. Which leads me to my final point.

The game needs a mission select feature. I know it is coming. And I hope that all future campaign DLC’s have mission select as well.

Well, that’s everything I can think of off the top of my head.


MGSV and God of War did master the OneTake camera well for action scenes as well as scale, so the issue isn’t entirely the Oneshot camera’s issue, but how its used in certain scenes in infinite.


What I want is reworked boss fights. Some of them are just extremely tedious and frustrating to slog through. They are a pain, and they shouldn’t be.

The Scorpion needs better controls.

These 2 are my main complaints. I hope to see an improvement in these areas.


Banished vehicles at FOBs. Including the fancy chopper from the Spartan Killers boss fight!


I want the weapons to be improved I feel like some of them are to weak remember when you could kill a Hunter with 2 or 3 rockets can’t do that anymore and the shotgun good lord it’s damage ducks and I am taking about the campaign


From a functionality point of view they should have had a ‘point of no return’ message - I know people that got stuck in hours of campaign progress on Legendary with limited upgrades because you get locked into the story mode pretty quickly.

Also all Banished weapons not just the special ones also decrease the amount of damage weapons do to your vehicle at least in the easier difficulties I feel like the WASP is destroyed too easily even on the easiest difficulty

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Are you talking about how you cannot access the North-Eastern Islands?

They are not complete. They were originally intended to be explorable, but the Part 1 of the campaign was released without full contents.

For example, there is no FOB India or FOB Mike. It skips over those two. They were likely supposed to be in these Floating Islands, but time constraints led to them slimming down the story playable zone. As a result, the mini-map shows off 1/4 of the map is unexplorable.

No, that’s not what I’m talking about.
All of the other islands in the main area there are invisible barriers between. You can only cross through them in flying vehicles.

Not really. You can jump, Thruster, Grapple-Shot combo between the more narrow gaps once you have unlocked access to those islands.

In a few specific narrow areas there is no barrier, that is correct, but that’s not the point.
I’m saying there shouldn’t be any barriers at all. Using your equipment correctly you can make it over quite large gaps, in most places the game blocks you. If you can make the jump, I want to be allowed to cross.

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But what if you aren’t supposed to have access to that island yet because you haven’t reached that part of the story yet?

Now you can be soft-locked… unless of course enemies spawn and you are allowed to capture a FOB and fast travel back to safety.


Like I said in the first comment. Islands we’re not supposed to be on in the story yet is one thing, but if we’re allowed to go there the barriers are just annoying.

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I’m not having this issue… perhaps your campaign glitched and the walls are just there without despawning?

  1. Lower brightness during the night cycles
  2. Improve weather effects (e.g. make thicker fog effect, rain, etc.)
  3. Add hunters patrolling along the roads / guarding banished outposts during post-game part of the campaign
  4. Allow the scorpion to be boarded by marines
  5. Allow marines to board wraith turrets
  6. Add swarms of smaller sentinels as critters in the ring environment
  7. Bring back option to hover obstacles with ghosts
  8. Add wraiths patrolling / guarding certains open area during the post-game part of the campaign
  9. Option to disable weapons outline
  10. Remove invisible barriers between some areas
  11. Allow to call-in banished vehicles within FOB

I’d actually like to see your multiplayer Spartan be inserted during campaign to assist MC for the CoOp portion. They could tie it in. Anyway, what you said too lol