Campaign Deletion

Has anyone else had their campaign deleted? I recently was doing a challenge, hopped off the xbox and came back later just to find my campaign was gone.
Has it happened to you? Is there any way to fix it?


Remember Reach.

this happened to me too, no way to fix it
however it doesn’t remove the record of whether you’ve completed it- just the unlocking of each mission

The easiest way to get them back is to probably run through on easy, at least to get your mission selection back.

yea its a minor glitch that has happened to some people.

I had just had the same thing happen with H3, fun to restart the Heroic level all over.

yup it happened to me too but I still have the legendary achivemnt.

Happened to me when I turned off my 360 when it said, saving, do not turn off xbox. [I did it on purpose]
It made the game think I was a new player, made my armour, made the colour brown and added a random tag aswell as making the game think I had new pieces of armour. I’m not sure if I got the 5000 credits for “starting up”.