Campaign Data Deleted

Here’s the story,

One day I finally completed Halo:4’s campaign on Legendary difficulty alone. This is the second time i’ve completed the campaign. Then I admired the legendary ending and went to bed.

The next morning I woke up and went on Halo:4. It came up with the welcome screen (the screen it comes up with when you play the game for the first time), I was confused, then I checked my spartan, all dlc exclusive armour and armour skins were gone. I started to panic. Then I checked my Campaign progress…ALL GONE! I stuck to the spot and noticed my rank hadn’t changed and my achievement were still there. My exclusive, pre-order armour and weapon skin came back, eventually, and then I checked the Campaign status again…gone. All gone.

I have to start the campaign again, annoyingly, to replay missions. This has to be a glitch or something. I guess I can’t see on the mission select my legendary solo complete sign anymore. Any solutions?

One more thing for extra details, I’ve got the limited edition Halo:4 and when I went on infinity multiplayer, the intro video played. I’m sure I didn’t turn my Xbox off during loading…not that it would make a difference anyway.

Unfortunately, as of today I am a victim of this glitch for a second time. Did it affect your terminals as well? I haven’t checked to see if this second occurrence has affected my terminals yet, but the first time did.

We are definitely not the only people who are victims of this glitch:

If anyone from Microsoft Studios and/or 343 Industries is reading this response, please try to fix this glitch for the “campaign-progress-deletion glitch’s” victims, all current players, and all future players.

Me too. Lost saved campaign progress

I too have lost all campaign progress after the 1.02 update was applied.
I also lost my loadouts and other customizations!

Looking at Waypoint I can see the campaigns I’ve finished, but are no longer available in the game. It’s like I’m playing it for the first time.

nice patch 343.

Having the same problem.

I’m also having this problem, for the second time.

Given the age of the OP, I suspect that this issue may not be exclusively linked to the TU. Reach had a similar bug; given that each Halo’s engine is based on the previous game’s, this bug may have been inherited from the Reach era.

I don’t have any inside knowledge about the bug, so I don’t know if it’s known or if 343i can safely fix it. (An improper “fix” could blow away save files for even more people.) In Reach, recovering your profile from Xbox LIVE would sometimes work if done soon enough after the data loss was discovered, so try that, I guess.

Warning: recovering your profile is basically the same as restoring from an old backup. You may lose some data if it wasn’t backed up earlier, and a few games are known to get wonky or even cause data loss when you move data back and forth like that.

I have had this problem twice now, and I have to say that it’s disappointing that we haven’t got a response from 343i.

First time round I just got past the mission where you meet The Didact on Heroic, picking up some ‘DOMAIN Waypoint Videos’ along the way. Getting that far was hard enough so when I realised my save game had disappeared, after feeling disheartened for a short while I started again and completed the game on the normal.

Wanting to check out what I unlocked I installed Waypoint last night to discover I was locked out of the Halo 4 section and to my horror, when I checked my storage device again there was no save.

I have lost faith in replaying the campaign for the time being and I am quite gutted that I can’t look at the extra content that I unlocked.

So to stress my point, I think it would be nice to get a response from 343i.

I managed to contact bs angel who said that this is a ‘common error that 343 are looking into and is caused by the swapping between coop and solo when a previous game is saved’. From what I know, and trust me I’ve done my research there is no way to fix the problem and we will have to complete the campaign again. It is unbelievable how much of a struggle it has been to contact anyone about the problem, I’ve called Xbox and tried contacting 343 in various forums and had no such reply other than the very open ended reply from bs angel. It is a shame that 343 have not kept up the great customer support and reputation bungie had built for the halo franchise. Sorry to hear that you’ve all suffered the same glitch.

It’s happened to me 6 times…