Campaign Credits

Just a thought that popped into my head… will each individual game have a credits scene or will the entire collection have one massive credits scene? I’m thinking the whole collection should have one credits scene in order to make it easier to move on to the next game after finishing one. God knows how long the credits will have to be for a conglomeration of four games on one disc.

Achievement Unlocked: AFK

25 Gamerscore.

Sit through all of the credits.

> Achievement Unlocked: AFK
> 25 Gamerscore.
> Sit through all of the credits.

Oh good lord, it seemed like Bungie included anyone that walked past their building in the credits.

I think they will do it as an extra feature. If you go into the options menu or extras menu you can select to play the credits. I don’t think they will spend a lot of time creating credits for each individual game.

I would expect each game to have it’s respected credits, afterall you have to give credit to the people who worked on the game.

I’m all for crediting the devs, but I would rather all 4 game’s credits be at the end. Plus I dislike how the final cutscene is split in two and has the second part of the ending after the credits. For a more seamless experience and to make all 4 Halo games play in a row as one big game, it would be better to save the credits for the end.

i think every game should have it’s own credits.
i dunno, i just think it’s -Yoinking!- relaxing, to look how many people worked
on that beautiful franchise, to make it reality, when you finished the campaign in which you put more or less effort to complete it & don’t forget about the background music.
that’s why they should stay, IMO.