Campaign Crashes

My game keeps freezing and ultimately crashing when I try to resume the ODST LASO Non-Stop Action playlist on the level Kikowani Station. Other playlists appear to be working normal for me. I tried uninstalling and re-installing ODST, but that offered no resolve. There’s another thread from the other day about someone whose game keeps crashing when he tries to load up Metropolis on Legendary and someone else who is also experiencing this issue with other Halo 2 levels as well. I’m curious if this is more common than I initially thought and if anyone else is experiencing campaign crashes too. Any feedback or tips on a possible solution for this problem would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, 343 please read this so we can get it fixed ASAP. And hopefully fixing this with an update doesn’t mean that the playlist progress will be reset from the beginning. LASO is a big enough pain on its own lol, so having to complete those levels over again would be a huge bummer. Thank you in advance to whoever can help!

  • Terry

I’ve got the same exact problem. I’m on the middle of LASO playlist on ODST and I can’t start Kikowani station, the game keep crashing during the load screen.
I notice that, even when I try to load this level in the standard campaign menu, it crash during the load.
Have you found a way out of this ?