Campaign concept: Fractured realities

Just an idea for replays of the campaign, With fractures being a thing why not bring that in as a gameplay mechanic we already have it in a way with difficulty how about having it with other things Fractured settings would change the gameplay in some way similar to skulls but much farther reaching. While a skull effects stats and what spawns a fracture effects the world as a whole.


Expanded armory

info: expand the armory of the enemy and your allies adding new weapons like the type-27 carbine, flamethrowers, halo 5 erra BR, an MA5B, and other weapons. each weapon has its own toggle so be smart and think of what weapons you want in a run. the more weapons the more options but the more likely there are to be enemies with them. Beam rifles bring beam rifle jackals so watch out.

Down but not out

causes the UNSC survivors to be a greater part of the story, talking to chief and the weapon and bringing in reinforcements at key points including the tank run at the end. The pilot is no longer the only pelican left introduces another pelican crew who will appear after the AA guns are brought down. Also returns marines ability to drive and in co-op allows players other then the host to have marines in their vehicles (though that should be a default feature)

True might of the banished

Brings in several halo wars 2 era banished units, including the grenadier, bruit shot soldiers, goliaths, and several vehicles like the AA boat that is the ravager and artillery that is the shroud.

UNSC supplies

Puts several UNSC vehicles on the map which can be unlocked in the FOB, from teh wolverine and cougar to the Gauss hog and Swords hog (hog with needler turret and energy shields)

UNSC survivors

Requires down but not out, adds ODSTs, Sanghelli soldiers, engineers, and even UNSC jackals/skirmishers to the UNSC ranks engineers will boost your shields when near an FoB and repair vehicles. though they will only be found at FoBs.

Co-op only fractures

Blue team

Host is chief the rest are blue team, each has a unique set of 4 abilities though all have the grapple hook and shield booster, Linda for example has cloak, fred has armor lock, Kelly has a jetpack. all their abilities are different.

Spartan IVs (can be single player, but co-op focused)

Chief is found dead, the pilot is saved by a group of spartan IVs who where captured. different start mission and you play your MP spartan.

SPI armor (Can be single player but co-op focused)

Wonder what halo is like with out shields and with medkits instead. Replaces your shield with a health bar, improved shields is replaced with a CE medkit that regenerates your health out of combat but at a slower rate then your shields. good luck.


This got buried quickly.

Allow me to add on to this idea.
If it’s a fractured reality, than it does not need to be cannon. So theoretically we could have daily and weekly RNG quests taking place with different forge filters, weapons, armor, vehicles, characters, enemy factions.
Add a small reward like 200XP for daily quest (once a day) and 500 for a weekly (once a week)?

This opens up so many possibilities, but also could make it less Halo-ey. I’d love to see more weapons from Halo universe, and more multiplayer co-op modes.

yeah no thanks, there’s a point that once crossed means your game is no longer what it started out as.
if they keep doing these stupid fracture events the mp side of the game will turn to complete crap.

just like the countless other mp shooters out that are now bloated with unrelated cosmetics from all sort of things like tv, movies, other games etc.

not everyone likes this stuff.

if they want to bring in non halo stuff, they should’ve created a seperate game they can ruin on the side.