Campaign Community Challenges

With the campaign launching in a few days time I really hoping that 343i will have community challenges to unlock certain items like weapon/vehicle skins or rare coatings for armours (useable on all cores). Something like kill 10,000,000 banished in a week to unlock this weapon skin for all players.

It’ll keep players coming back to campaign, it’ll give those players who bought the campaign and don’t want to support the Battle Pass something to unlock and acquire.

Hopefully we’ll see something like this in Halo Infinite, maybe not in season 1 but in the very near future.


Nice idea, I like it. Anyone who contributed even a single kill gets the unlocks.

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I think the whole community should benefit from these challenges, but I can see where you’re coming from.

Thats a great idea. Even if its not day of launch they should totally add those