Campaign Co-Op: Let’s talk

Obviously if you’re here, you’ve already heard the news. In fact, that’s why I am now active on here. No campaign co-op on launch day. In fact for 3 months (they estimate). Some people seem to not care, or even defend this decision. Others (myself included) feel pretty let down, incredibly nervous, and would even rather the game be delayed. When it comes down to it as a fan of Halo, I want to know what happens next in the story. A big part of that experience was co-op with some of my closest friends on launch day. It was a ritual that up to the announcement, was still going to happen; Even now being in my 30s, just as it would have been when I was 16 years old when Halo 3 released. I’d like to hear what people value with their Halo games. What aspect of Halo sets it apart from other games you love? Was it forge? For me not so much, but I’m sure that community feels the same as I do with the sad news (maybe even worse looking at 6 months). Do you think we should be given a little more transparency from the devs? As much as I am grateful seeing Joseph and Sketch update us, what the update contained was actually a pretty huge deal to me. Do you think 343s gameplay priorities are different than what you expected after hearing this news? I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts!

I’ll hold all judgement until we see more at Gamescon. The campaign is low priority for me but I will play it and hope it is fun. I’m interested in there being a fun BTB and a strong competitive mode with good incentive to play.

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> I’ll hold all judgement until we see more at Gamescon. The campaign is low priority for me but I will play it and hope it is fun. I’m interested in there being a fun BTB and a strong competitive mode with good incentive to play.

BTB 2.0 has an absurd amount of pressure riding on it.

I’m in your exact boat. Especially this being the first Halo to really delve into large, explorable maps as a key feature. Playing Coop first is an experience I think needs to be available to players before the internet gets riddled with plot details and theories around every corner. Meaning you either play solo first, and can’t enjoy that fresh experience with friends, or you get spoiled and your experience isn’t fresh anyway.

I think we’re with the majority with a tradition to play the Campaign Co-op at launch. My buddies and I have done that for every Halo since 3, we were starting to talk plans to take a day or two off of work for the launch of Infinite.

I honestly would prefer it if they just launched Multiplayer now. Forge and customs is disappointing not to have from the beginning sure, but it gives a wee bit of time for everyone to get acclimated to the vanilla maps and modes and then when people are ready to look to other games again, (3ish months down the road) launch Forge. Launch Campaign separately, when Co-op is completely ready. This prevents the MAJOR issue inherent in a 3 month delay.

Looking back to Halo: CE as newcomers all to dual joystick FPS, we all played multiplayer constantly trying to figure out all the controls. Then we figured out system links and how to break out of certain multiplayer maps. A year or so later, we figured out the campaign was 2 player co-op and started playing the campaign for the first time. And reading the books. We came for the multiplayer, and a year or so later we stayed for the campaign story and lore.

Halo: Infinite should focus to launch a great Multiplayer in November, then launch Campaign separately, and launch Forge as part of a future season. Best way to keep the Co-op long time fans there without delaying the “Launch” further.

I’m sure they’d release it on time if they could. It sucks but at least we’ll get the rest of the game to look forward to for Season 1

I’m really worried there could be a lack of maps, game modes at launch. Not only halo 5 didn’t have forge at launch and removed split screen but didn’t even have infection, grifball and more game modes and only had like 4 at launch.

Dissapointed that forge and campaign co-op won’t be there at launch, I get why forge takes long since halo 5s one took long but had the best forge but they had 6 years. All the original halo games, reach and even 4 had enough content, and co-op at launch.

I think 343 bite off more then they could chew. When you look at it Infinite has open-world which is first in the series and it’s bigger than any games both Bungie and 343i released at this point.

As someone who loves Forge and Customs, it was disappointing. But when you look at Campaign co-op, there is a spoiler danger which is probably unavoidable for 3 months if you’re looking for Halo content at all.

When I think about Forge I say it shouldn’t be delayed but when I think about Campaign co-op I say it should be delayed.

BUT 343 has promised Campaign co-op at launch and it should’ve been in launch.