Campaign Co-op is confirmed delayed and Roadmap update coming tomorrow

SeanW: Halo community rn waiting to hear if halo infinite co-op delayed

Ske7ch: “Targets” are a stake in the ground at the time but of course subject to change. We’ll have a roadmap update tomorrow on what to expect with Infinite in the months ahead.


But they couldn’t have said they would miss their target last week or mid-august? Just a confirmation that co-op will miss its target and “Co-op will miss its late-August target. More information will come out with our community update on September 1st!”
Just anything that doesn’t come across as “Oh yeah, this is the last day for the target. Sorry! More info tomorrow!”


Poor poet… Dude been wanting to play with his GF since launch :pleading_face:

You will get your wish dude, 343i eventually do the right thing.


We managed to play and beat the campaign during the flight. I’m basically waiting for mission replay before doing a solo-run now.
Sadly I had to dig up and update my Xbox One S because 343 doesn’t do flighting on the PC Xbox store. Only on Steam even though Steam didn’t have the pre-order bonuses.


I mean you don’t want them having power and making important life changing decisions do you? :rofl:

Bro that’s great to hear, I heard about the Co-op flight being a buggy mess, so I kinda thought you wouldn’t have done it.

Infinite is such a sad game, its clearly designed from the ground up in many with Co-op in mind, so out of all the Halo titles that don’t have Co-op its a shame it was the one. Some Halo games definitely don’t need it, Infinite does. Looks like the perfect screw around with your friends and make your own adventure type of game.

I didn’t play the flights btw, just saying. I missed out. Maybe by season 3 I’ll get to enjoy it lol.

Yea that’s not an excuse for waiting until THE LITERAL LAST MINUTE to communicate with your fans. Literally kept so many people on the edge of their seat only to shower them with disappointment.


You just summed up 343’s business model for the last 8 years.


yes but it is also possible that a last minute bug came to their attention and that’s the reason they gotta delay it… People try so hard to paint 343i as a villain, they are heroes, just B tier ones on their way to a redemption arc.

Heroes dont exploit their fanbase for a quick buck.


So youre telling me that by saying “late August,” 343 planned on releasing coop on the last day of August, but then some random bug made it so they couldnt do that anymore so now its delayed? Yea i dont buy it. If there were any bugs that would cause a delay past August, they would have been found at the very least a week ago. They should have said something then, but they didnt. They also could have updated is along the way and either reassured or informed us of any mishaps, but no, they chose silence. Theres not really much of an excuse for that.

Also dont you think they would have mentioned such an earth shattering bug if it was discovered so last minute that it caused them to delay? Yea, i think they just overpromised and underdelivered yet again. That is villainous. Its lying. Villains are liars and liars are bad.


Well you could argue that every developer does that.

the disconnect between these two sections highlights my point. Villains aren’t villains because they lie necessarily, lets not forget that most are straight murderers, law breakers, etc.

You make assumptions. Bugs can take loads of time to fix, especially when they don’t know the exact cause or solution. Infinite was built to be a Co-op game, its obvious that development issues is why it wasn’t there at launch and why its still not there. 343i would be the villains here if they came out and told fans that Co-op would never return for example, 343i could be mostly innocent in this situation, no reason to believe malice or deceit as you so eloquently discussed.

I was there back in 2012 when 343i promised the world to us, then delivered a game with zero thought or love put in, they aren’t the morons they used to be. current 343i makes old 343i look like genocidal monsters lol, current 343i is just slow af but according to leaks they are speeding up.

Anyone who played the co-op flight and saw how bad it was can tell you that this was no last minute bug. 343 are not heroes. They have an extremely long and consistent track record of being inept and lacking of clear communication. Instead of owning their faults they always try to pass the blame onto others and make excuses. That’s a very basic psychological red flag.

All I’m saying is that in any other industry if people underperformed and poorly communicated to this extent they would not have jobs.


Waiting for the absolute last day in August to side step their “target” is just scummy. Doesn’t matter what 343 intends to do, their public image is approaching EA levels of disdain.


We had glitches, but we didn’t have that many problems. Many of the glitch complication vids exaggerated how frequent the glitches popped up. That said, there were still plenty. We were writing them down and after our sessions sent tickets.

And our playstyles fit well together. I would draw fire and keep to mid-range with the ravager and commando, she’d stay high and snipe without a word that this would be our plan.

Yeah they had co-op set up, but what got us was how unfinished the campaign was. Not just the rushed story and the single biome that was the overworld, but we would explore and find a bunch of areas and structures that screamed “Something was supposed to go here!” But was cut. (Some of the leaks began to confirm this, like the crusher area. We found the area and wondered why a bunch of bodies led to an empty “boss room” type cave. Now we know that something was meant to be there, but nothing was replaced.) Or how we kept getting vehicles caught on rocks and ended up relying on fast travel and the grapple shot. And the lack of repulsor (which would have helped get our vehicles unstuck in hindsight.)

Edit: To clarify on the glitches, yes we had the crashing ones. But it didn’t happen often enough and only set us back far once. The flight was not unplayable. You want unplayable, try the release build of Assassin’s Creed Unity or when the Super Gore Nest master level for Doom Eternal came out.



Me and my friends have been chomping away at MCC Legendary and some of them are waiting for Infinite to be co-op before they play the campaign.

Maybe next year, eh?


Oh god I can’t believe they are using Twitter and not their official forums (or web page) to these kind of announcements…


Thats not the point. You tried calling them heroes. I wouldnt have brought it up had you not said that.

The disconnect was created because of a dichotomy you manufactured on this post: Either 343i are heroes or they are villains. If those are the two options then i am most certainly not going to put them in the hero category.

Even more to the point. They learned that overtly showing their old ways is going to paint them in the worst light possible. Obviously not a good idea. Lol good villains dont reveal themselves to be villains. They work in the shadows without tipping their hand. Thats what happened when 343 hyped this game up and then dropped a hollow Halo themed cosmetic shop on their poor fans. They are the villains here. And if they want redemption, they need to change dramatically.

Its already there. The only piece missing is have a pay to win formula. Oh wait, lol Halo 5 warzone already exists. Guess all the boxes are checked.

(Dont care what anyones argument is. If the option to pay for gear that allows you to outperform exists, it is objectively pay to win. No matter how well you did without paying a dime, the option was always on the table to pay for an advantage.)

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The team wanted to get as much work done on co op as possible to meet this deadline. However, the current quality would just lead to more complaining. Managers decided to wait to ensure high quality release instead of releasing a buggy experience. This is a sign that 343 managers are making more competent decisions which is better for everyone in the long term.

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