Campaign Co-Op Flight, Infinite LOG IN

So, I have done EVERYTHING THEY SAY, so dont send me that link on HOW TO INSTALL.
I followed it to a T.
The darn thing keeps asking me to sign in… So, I sign in, I hit enter, they ask for a password, I enter it, hit enter, RINSE AND REPEAT. I cannot get in. I know my PC meets the standards.

RTX3060TI 12GB, 32GB Vram, Intel 11th Gen i7 11700K CPU.

Currently re-validating files, hoping that fixes it. Anyone else have suggestions? Cause this is getting annoying. after waiting another 4 hours for the campaign to download that is.

I have the same issue, has anyone managed to find a solution ?

Did you follow the troubleshooting steps listed in the install instructions:

If the Microsoft sign-in window becomes stuck in a loop or freezes during the initial launch of the flight build, try the steps below to reset the sign-in portal:

  1. In the Windows Search bar, enter “Credential Manager”, and select Credential Manager to open it.
  2. Select Windows Credentials.
  3. Scroll down to the section labeled Generic Credentials.
  4. For every item that has “Xbl|2043073184” or “Xbl|2096818168” in the title:
  • Click on the item to expand it
  • Select Remove
  • Confirm you wish to delete that item
  1. Launch the flight build of Halo Infinite and check to see if the sign-in process has started from the beginning.
  • Note: This may sign you out of most or all Xbox network sign-ins on your PC.
  1. If the issue is still occurring, you may need to repeat step 4 and remove all items that start with “Xbl” (e.g. XblGrts|, Xbl_Ticket|, etc).

If these steps do not resolve the sign-in loop, please submit a ticket using the link below so the team can investigate the issue.