Campaign Checkpoint Issue

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I love Halo but 343i seriously needs to fix some broken gameplay mechanics. They owe me 3 broken controllers now because of laggy games where shots don’t register and everyone just eats all my bullets or I lag out of the match all together (about 2-3 times per day) in matchmaking and because of retarded spawns, checkpoint saves (or lack thereof) and glitches in campaign.
I was just playing Genesis solo on Legendary and everything seemed to be working fine through the first fight with the tank versus one warden. Then during the two warden fight, my AI teammates won’t shoot any enemies at all or revive me, even crawlers seem to take way too many shots to kill, knights are way too tanky, and the Wardens that take the most damage just come back to life after I already killed them. I finally got Warden to turn around (no thanks to dumb AI) and put 6 binary shots in his back as fast as I could and he (the first one) finally dies. Then I get one hit killed by a crawler, and by the time my AI revives me (maybe the 2nd or 3rd time all mission) we both immediately get one hit by something else (probably the other Warden’s tracking void shot that goes through walls- an annoying and unoriginal gameplay mechanic) my screen goes white and I finally respawn with a retarded checkpoint where Warden number one is standing in front of me, full health and one hits me every time as soon as I spawn. Reverting to last saved checkpoint only brings me back to this cycle of spawn, die, spawn, die. Its infuriating that I am being spawn trapped (in campaign no less) by the Warden, the same one that I had already worked so hard to kill! Is it too much to ask for a checkpoint after you kill a boss?
These kind of issues along with the unplayable multiplayer (due to lag-strafing enemies that take more than a full magazine to kill even when I land all my shots) are making me hate this game. But for the record, Halo 5 is my favorite Halo and the best game I’ve ever played when it works as intended (obviously laggy multiplayer servers are not intentional, but I wonder if some of these campaign gameplay and save point mechanics are). I don’t know what can be done about these issues but I guess it doesn’t matter because now I don’t even have a controller to play Halo 5 with. For the record, I have had the worst luck with these paper xbox one controllers that after a month or two have issues with the a button so that I can’t jump or clamber, or with the trigger where my gun won’t shoot even though there’s still ammo in the mag (this seems to happen after I’ve dropped someone’s shields). I know I’m just ranting, but has anyone else had these issues, or know of any solutions? Thanks.