Campaign Challenges

So we know the only way to progress the battle pass is challenges and that has been beaten to death. Has there been any word as to whether there will also be campaign challenges that progress the battle pass like in MCC?

Most likely, they have said you can unlock cosmetics etc by playing through campaign. I think alot of what they brought into mcc was a way of testing things for Infinite.

Would find it interesting to have some challenges also worth XP for the pass and some exclusive items for those who play the campaign.

I doubt it, challenges fall into the multiplayer suite.
Campaign & Multiplayer are completely separate downloads. Personally I wouldn’t set your expectations for there to be campaign challenges.

Campaign unlocks for Multiplayer are likely something along the lines of a coating for beating the game on Legendary or a reward for specific achievements.

MCC is different since it’s a central hub for 6 Halo games. They cater challenges around that experience.