Campaign Challenges Completed, No Exp Awarded

Just bringing this to light if 343 is still working on a few issues. I’ve completed both the “The Coming of the Dawn” and the “Thunderstruck” Challenges for Campaign but I only have 500/750xp at SR1 I’m missing a whole 6,750 Exp from these challenges. Am I getting a delay or did my challenges bug and I’m screwed out of the bonus Exp?

Hope these get reset to compensate for the server maintenance.

EDIT: Apologies, the servers appear to still be down. I thought they were back up. I’ll wait.

Not meaning to bump this if anyone has posted between my first post and now but it appears the challenges have been reset! Thank you 343!

Ignoring my 2nd post but the challenges were reset only temporary as I tried to complete them again before the update was applied and they did not properly unlock again.

The challenges are still labeled complete, and I’m still missing 6,750 exp.


I have completed Dawn solo on Legendary but the challenge itself does not say complete but on my campaign list it shows that I have finished it on legendary.

Not sure whats going on but its bugging me.

I’m having the exact same issue