Campaign Challenge Armory

Need a battle buddy for campaign challenges? Use this thread to find other brave Spartans to join you in battle!

If anyone should need someone to help them, lag or not, I can help them even with mythic challenges if necessary.

Just send me a message in-game. A little fun fact:

b.S. angel reported 5% of the Halo population beat Campaign on Legendary within a few days of the games release.

I beat it on solo Legendary in total time of 9 hours game time.

like I always say " u better learn how to pat yourself on the back cause nobody is gonna do it for ya"

If anybody needs help on legendary missions just send me a in-game invite any time

Doing the 2 campaign challenges at the same time 8.00pm Tuesday 22nd just for fun join in if you want (sorry no mic)

Looking for people for the current 2 weeklies for 40k exp. GT : HotshotTangent

Looking for two for the Reclaimer challenge.

send request for current campaign challenege of Requiem for 40k same as nametag.

Ooh! Ill help! pm if you need it guys!

I’d like to help out.

PM me anytime I’m online.

Anyone wanna finish this week’s campaign challenge with me right now? Vanilla Legendary Forerunner co-op run. I’m online right now if you’re interested.

I’m always open to help out.Just add or message me and I will get to you. I’m open to anything really… Well except the blind and black eye skulls haha

Co-op challenge right now anyone?