Campaign Broken/Corrupted - Can't start new game, cant load


It seems like my campaign on PC gamepass has completely imploded. One of my savegames became corrupt (whenever i loaded in I kept dying randomly, then just didnt spawn) and now I cannot start a new game or load anything, even if I use another account or reinstall the game. Basically this is what happens:

  • as soon as i load a new game the screen flashes black every 1 sec interval
  • once i make it into the first banished ship, the game does not load past the cutscene and i have to go to lobby
  • after going to lobby i am unable to load any campaign file or start again, it simply counts down and stops doing anything

Please assist, at this point I can’t play the game.

[edit] I know that I’m not supposed to post this here but I’m hoping some random person may know how to solve it while i wait for the bug to get fixed.


might have to uninstall and reinstall the game

already did, also made a new account with gamepass and everything. still busted for some reason.

are you on pc or xbox

Same problem here. Pc and gamespass. Literally uplayable

PC gamepass, I’ll specify it in the post too

I and others have been posting about this since yesterday. I think it might be a problem specific to game pass and PC. I haven’t seen anyone mentioning this happening with steam.

I just wanted to add to the topic.

I’m freezing/crashing in campaign. The furthest I’ve been able to get without crashing to the desktop has been the first checkpoint of the first mission.

having this issues with gamepass and pc as well… probably should of just bought the game thru steam… anyone hear of any announcements of a fix for this?

nothing yet. And no answers from support either. Really pissed off

No word or even acknowledgement from 343 or Xbox. I ended up buying the campaign on Steam and have had zero problems loading my save points. I know Steam uses its own system for saving game data progression.

The problem must be where Xbox/Game pass saves your progress. When you try to retrieve it, the data is gone.

I opened a ticket for this yesterday, only response i got was

make sure you complete the first mission

I laughed and responded with, ive beaten the first boss 5 times and reach the first outpost 5 times… Havent heard from him since (its been over 24 hours since communication broke down on my ticket)

lol that is disappointing. This issue needs more visibility and action.